Northern Lights - 12 buds till Christmas

2 years ago

Night before Christmas is upon us

I managed to make it back after then real long drive last night. Today was sweet, My family only see my brother once or twice a year. Tonight is the night before Christmas and I had 3 hours sleep last night so I have convinced my kids we should to bed early haha😀

Have you Tried any the strains I have shared yet? Here is a little recap if you want to know what strains I have Smoked. On the first Buds of Christmas we had some Sour Apple, On the second Buds of Christmas we had some Black Lime Reserve, On the third Buds of Christmas, we had some OG Kush, On the fouth Buds till Christmas, we had some Mendo Breath, On the fifth Buds till Christmas , We had some Mango Haze, On the sixth Buds till Christmas, We had some Bubba Kush, On the seventh Buds till Chrismas, We had some God's Green Crack,On the eighth Buds till Christmas, We had some Black cherry, On the ninth Buds till Christmas, We had some Pink panther, On the tenth Bud of Christmas, We had some Pink Kush, On the eleventh Buds till Christmas, We had someBlack Kush

Northen Lights

So if you have followed me and read my post from the start I am sure you know by now this is my hands down favourite strain, So of course I saved this for the last 12 buds till Christmas strain review.
Now I know from looking up on this strain before that it is from sensi seed and it has the parents strains are from 2 landrace strains Afghani and a landrace strain called thai. The is one the most popular Indica strains around, It has great anti inflammatory and pain relief effects. This is a super heavy indica that is going to give you major couch lock, This strain is a great one for night time. I like this strain any time the day i enjoy the effects of it.
This crop is a true quad, The smell has a massive northern lights smell that is a piney smell and very strong. The looks of this is super crystaly and has a nice purple hue to it that is just like a good northern lights strain. The buzz from this is a huge relief to any pain you are feeling,it was one the strongest northern lights I have had in a long time.

12 Buds of Christmas #nugporn





That is the 12 Buds of Christmas year 1 on

Thanks for coming and sharing your thoughts on the 12 strains I have shared to you. I really wish everyone a happy and safe holidays. And stay BAKED and spread the word about cannabis and this holiday season.

#strains #review #12budstillxmas #nugpron #indica

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Merry Xmas and happy holidays!
Sugar comes last hehe this is also one of my favorite's :D

I wish you, and your family a Merry Chrismas and a happy holidays 😄

Merry Christmas buddy! Enjoyed all your 12 day buds updates 👌 Have a good one!

Medical cannabis users will appreciate the pain easing and muscle relaxing benefits of this strain. Smoking this strain after a stressful day will be very kul

The uplifting pain , stress and anxieties easing, and healing benefits of this strain makes me want to add it to my list of strains to check out for...thanks for sharing...merry christmas

It's one of my favorites. Northen Lights is very good in creating happy and creative moment. A roll up of it will make you feel high for moment and think beyonder your imagination (creative)

Sounds like exactly what I need my friend, some good strong medicine. I'm glad everything went fine with you trip and I would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Bong on. :-)

Hi there. Happy holidays to you and your family. I've checked some strains out and they all look pretty sick to me... I've only tried Northern Lights a few times. Sadly, I don't know the others. But I see you're Lucky! ;)

Very nice review as always. NL is a strain I have been interested in for aclong time. Skcne I was 19. I tried it once and it was around 1/3 of a joint I got into my possession from my Ex girlfriend who got it as an birthday present some months before from a friend. Us 4 smoked that little bit and got really high. I liked how it tasted. Since then I have been interested in smoking a whole joint ot bowl of it.

I had some pretty high expectations with all that weed you showed us in pre-Xmas time :)
So this is something like I was expecting!
It was a pleasure to watch and read about all that weed!
Merry Xmas and happy holidays!
Keep up the good work and...

Smoke on!

I am attempting to grow some Northern Lights. Hopefully my buds look as good