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Start With the Flower


Back a few days ago I received an order that I placed with a MoM (Mail Order Marijuana) here in Canada call @maryssecret that we even have as a member on smoke, Tho I would love if they took smoke more surprises maybe after I hope they see more reviews about them they may just do that? We can only hope right.

If you never got a chance to check out that unboxing you can check out out here.


Sour Tangie


This was the 1 gram package I got from them, It was one of the $10 grams that they had to offer, I was interested in this because sour diesel was one of the best sativa strains around to me so I thought this might be a interesting cross to try. I am never a fan of only getting a gram to try but I also like to try new weed so I grabbed a gram.

From the smell alone you can smell the sour diesel that comes from the sour diesel, the other strain that it is crossed with I have never heard of so I had to look that one up it is called tangie. This cross of sour diesel and tangie is the works of DNA genetics out of Amsterdam.






Right off the bat I was able to smell the Sour Diesel smell off of this strain, I was not shocked to as the diesel smell is pretty strong when it is crossed with any strain.





This has some of the lightest greens around, I am going to guess that was the tangie as the sour D is normally a darker flower. The nice amount red hairs was a sure sign tho that is was sour Diesel. Can you see from the photo how many tricomes was on this tho it was like it was sprinkled in sugar





The taste was not a shock to me as the sour D in this was a very dom part of this strain/cut that I was able to try. It has a strong diesel taste with a nice little citrus after taste





This is the part that was just not what I was thinking when I smelt this flower. I was thinking this was going to be a rocket of a strain and it was not. I smoked the whole gram in a couple nice joints and than it was a very mild buzz that never lasted long as I went to reach for the dabs about 20 mins later.

The conclusion is I would not try the again from this grower but I would of course try it again but would never go out of my way to try it I would just look for the real Sour D.

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Looks can deceive. Too bad it wasn't what you expected it to be. For me it does a lot if I pause just for 24h. Next buzz after pause is always great, but so is wake n bake. Oh the duality.


Take a break 😨

It doesn't seem to open a link of @marysecret for me. Is it only me?


My bad missed a s it is @maryssecret

Very nice and honest review. Its good to have people who will honestly say if they don't like the strain.

Damn it looks good but if your not getting a good buzz that doesn’t really matter much.


Yeah sucks so much when the qeed looks dank and fails to come threw

Wish I could order some, that looks tantalizing


Were you located? If in the usa I was looking around and i think they do have them just best to make sure they send

Good write and good read. More information, now i am enlightened.

It's good to know. Well done.