Diamond Concentrates - Gelato Review

last year

Diamond Review

I have not been smoking very much shatter the last little while it is that time year with being off work I don't get to buy them extra things and well shatter is one of them things, as it can be costly for good nug run shatter and I feel if I am going to destroy my lungs I will do it with good shatter.

I have in the last little while like 3 or 4 weeks had 3 grams of diamond concentrates, One named magnum the second one named cannasutra and the third one I am going to review here first.


I know this is a well known strain around smoke, as it is form one of the most famous cuts around and that would be thin mint Girl Scout Cookies and sunset sherbet. I was really shocked when I got this as this is a way different package than I was ever used to. if you go back to this post here you can see what the old package looked like. To be honest I like the old package way better than these new ones with photos all over them.

The Review

I was really looking forward to smoking this strain as I really enjoyed the flower I had of Gelato.



The smell as always with me as I am told my wife and buddy they smell shatter even out of the bag but I don't ever find they have much of a scent. This one did have a mild fruit like smell to it in the bag tho.



The looks of an amber, That is just the colour I love my shatter to be and let me tell you that was spot on with this stuff. It was nice and stable to the point I could pick it up and it didn't get really soft or get sticky.



I am a huge fan of fruity tasting cannabis and this did a great job at hitting the enjoyment level. I think that was from the sunset sherbet. The after taste was great but that is only if you take the toke at the right temp if it is to hot shatter is never tasty.



The perfect mix of indica and sativa with Gelato, It is that type strain that hits you with a nice relaxing body buzz but lets your mind focused. I really think this may be one the best day time / anytime hybrids.


gelato2" >

That is my review on #diamondconcentrates, #gelato #strain and I do recommend picking this up if you can. As you can see this was a dam good score across the book. sorry about the shit photos.




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Gelato is such a fantastic strain. I would grab this if I saw it and the price was right. What did this run ya?


This was 40 a gram blackmarket I could get for less if I bought a q at a time.

Wild packaging. Looks like some fire, great strain


yeah the packaging is quite interesting on all 3 grams i Bought

I can just drool over the picture. Love how it goes from bad to good as you open, smell, and start smoking, than feel it


o yeah, I just noticed that haha, the picture is good but not enough information on the package now

I always like Gelato, I just grabbed a cartridge and will be sharing it later. I'd like to try some in shatter.


yeah, I was never a fan of GSC but trying thin mint and Gelato I am now enjoying them

I’m sure the cannabis industry realizes as well as all other industry...sex sells. As for the shatter, it looks amazing.


Sex does see and I think we will see it stay around the cannabis industry like the beer industry.