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8 months ago

Purple Flower

This is going to be part 2 of a 4 part review I am doing on #cannawholesaler from here in Canada, In the first part I did a video of the unboxing from them that included Some Lavender, Pineapple jack, and some lemon cake shatter.
You can find the unboxing post here.

I have and will be sending these reviews off to the MoM that I am review as well so they can have a read and with some luck we can get them to start signing up here on smoke.


Have you ever tired this strain? I honestly have to say that i had never even heard of this strain. If you follow any my other reviews you will know I really like trying new strain that I have never heard of or tried before.

lavender is the awesome work of some strains I have not heard of around the cannabis culture, It was bread by none other than soma seeds, If you are interested here is a great blog about who Soma is here. If you are unfamiliar with soma seeds they are another great breeder out of Amsterdam. The strains that I was able to find made up this purple strain are Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian, I know we all have had the chance to try some skunk I mean it is one the best known strains around and the other 2 are crosses and I have heard of let alone try them so they are two more strains added to my list of strains to try.






The lavender has got it's name not only by the dark purple hue from it, I am going to guess it would be the fact that this actually has a nice lavender smell to it. I have to say I have never smelt a strain that smelt like this, It had a nice little fruity smell to it and I am not sure what strain that comes from as it is truly is a mix of strains.





I am starting to see a lot of purple strains come around and this was no doubt one the strong ones in that look. The tricomes are super heavy and caked on this like a grape sour candy. This batch is a little dry to me but that can just be a case of being a bit older but it is nothing a humidity pack can't handle.





I was hoping when I first lit this strain up it was not going to be tasting like lavender and lucky me it was not at all a flower taste but a nice sweet berry taste with a hint of earthy after taste.






You ever just can't sleep and you wish you always had that strain on hand that was a pretty sure bet at putting you to sleep?, Well let me tell you this would be that strain. It is a true indica with very heavy body buzz that I can say will knock most out quickly.


This is one of the heavy hitters, From the first time I smoked this I could tell this strain would be a keeper and I can see why it is liked in the medical cannabis community.

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Both Soma and Lavender are all-time favorites to me, he is a very serious breeder and his catalogue is full of interesting strains


I have never grown anything from soma but I can say I will be looking in to it now.

It's such a soft sounding name, but judging by your review it isn't soft. Thanks for the info mate, bong on bro. :-)


I really is a great name it is why I had to get it

Seems like it is a must grab. Wouldn't mind terp count though. How was the package, any labels?


None of that on blackmarket buys here, sorry i have but only on a few and they normally cost way more.

It is something i wish was on more the cannabis I buy😥

Nice !!