12 Buds till Christmas Day #6

2 years ago

Wow 6 day,

Today is a busy one for me it is @reefermom 's birthday so we are going our to dinner KID free that is something that never happens,
Have you Tried any the strains I have shared yet? Here is a little recap if you want to know what strains I have Smoked. On the first Buds of Christmas we had some Sour Apple, On the second Buds of Christmas we had some Black Lime Reserve, On the third Buds of Christmas, we had some OG Kush, On the fouth Buds till Christmas, we had some Mendo Breath, On the fifth Buds till Christmas , We had some Mango Haze.

Bubba kush

Have you ever tried this heavy indica? It is another one them strains I bet you have tried and didn't know it. This is a heavy heavy indica that I think most people will agree is one the great kush stains. Doing some research the true parent /Mother to this strain is unknown but nature did great a bomb plant.
This one I have is no doubt one the top bubbas I have ever got to smoke. It has some super tight nugs that just shine, The buzz os what you would like to relax and let the stress off.

On the 6th Day of #Nugporn


Thanks for stopping by and checking out 12 buds till Christmas Day 6. Hope I inspire you to have lots strains on hand this Holiday season and enjoy sharing them with friends and family
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Just heard about bubba kush lately, though haven't tried but i believe it would make a whole lot of sense.


Man, it is a great strain if you like a good stone.

They are some awesome looking nugs, if they smoke half as good as they look you must be la la land, Lol. Ho, Ho, Ho bong on bro. :-)


This one is one the best bubba's I have had and it is a common strain around here.. Well all kush is kinda sad really

It's cool how trichomes make bud looks glossy.


Yeah, I sware we could make diamonds from them haha

Another great one. The heads looks amazing. I think I actually did try it once. Atleast they said the guy said it was Bubba Kush. Or was it Bubble Gum? 🤔 I can't really remeber. The last few years tend to get foggy. 🌁


Yeah I know this is one that is world wide by now,

I bet it was kush, Kush is every were


That's true. It's on all sides of the world.

Sadly we do not have any of this strain in Nigeria so we just smoke what we have. But I believe they are great from the image.


If i could send some seeds I would, I hear the mail system sucks tho

I would love to get my hands on this bud and see how high it gets me


Come to Canada and I can get you lots haha


Hahaha... That's far from for place

Hahaha bubba kush, sounds funny, the buds are so much

Beyond Beautiful. HighSight!

Love me some Bubba Kush... pre 98?


Not sure was just told bubba kush. so I will guess it is not, You like the pre 98 better?


The pre 98 is fire..


I will flag useless self votes FYI