12 Buds Till Christmas Day # 10

2 years ago

3 more sleeps to go!

What #strain are you smoking on today? Any plans to get some good smoke for Christmas?

Have you Tried any the strains I have shared yet? Here is a little recap if you want to know what strains I have Smoked. On the first Buds of Christmas we had some Sour Apple, On the second Buds of Christmas we had some Black Lime Reserve, On the third Buds of Christmas, we had some OG Kush, On the fouth Buds till Christmas, we had some Mendo Breath, On the fifth Buds till Christmas , We had some Mango Haze, On the sixth Buds till Christmas, We had some Bubba Kush, On the seventh Buds till Chrismas, We had some God's Green Crack,On the eighth Buds till Christmas, We had some Black cherry, On the ninth Buds till Christmas, We had some Pink panther

Pink Kush

This one here I showed off a little bit when I picked it up about a month back, So many kushes around I am kinda tired of them to be honest with you. After I did some research on this strain of kush it seems like it may be another with unknown parents. This is one them reason blockchain is awesome as well can get the strain on here and have breeders add them and it will never be lost. Another thing I don't get is how do we lose the lineage of the plant?
This here crop was from chronicbymail. It was from the black friday sale they had. It was pretty cheap at 4.50 cents a gram only thing is it had some seeds, Now I ordered knowing and wanting the seeds so that is a bonus for me. Now I know you lose some THC from the seeds but honestly this is still a triple buzz and I am jor a light weight so for most this would rock them. Looks on this it is almost impossible to tell it has and seeds in it. The smell is another strong one with quite a bit OG kush smell to it. To me this is one them hybrid kush you can smoke any time of the day and it not be to much of a couch lock kinda buzz.

12 Buds till Christmas #nugporn



Thanks for stopping by and checking out 12 buds till Christmas Day 10, Hope I inspire you to have lots strains on hand this Holiday season and enjoy sharing them with friends and family
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Well if it has less THC because of the seeds you will just have to smoke more of it, Lol. Thanks for the info, bong on bro. :-)


Right, Good thing it was cheap. I mean it is still potent as hell

I have had green crack before the other strains you mention if I have had them they came here with no name with them anymore..


That sucks so much o was the same way till this year. I am shocked more people don't keep the strain name to sell people in it.


I know right, it would help them really. But hey what do I know as a cosumer lol


I figured it would help for sure. But then again I never use to care till I really.got to know all the effects it can have.

The shades of green on this one are magnificent. Just as you said can't even tell that it had seeds. I was honestly never bothered by them. Ifni find seeds I just toss them somewhere in town a bit hidden so they can grow up a bit before someone discoveries them. Since I don't like taking the risk and find it a shame to just throw them out.


Yeah, I was happy to get an oz and have quite a few seeds. I wish I could send worldwide with out chance other person getting in trouble.

I got 6 these going now to see what i can do. I like auto flowers but I know I can likely sell some clones if I get a nice mother


Why not. I don't understand a lot about growing. All I ever did was help a friend grow a few auto flowers that almost got us behind bars. Hahaha

Lets smoke some and be Merry. Just beautiful


Smoke on!

dont even know the name of the strain i just smoked but am in cruise mode, and thats all that matters

Very nice. Good smoke, have fun. :-)