Half Dome: by West Coast Sunrise

11 months ago

Welcome to another strain showcase featuring some growers based out of Oakland, its West Coast Sunrise!
20190904_093324.jpg consider this a double post to also talk about #phenotypes

These guys have only been introduced to my dispensary for a couple months now but they've given me such awesome insight about their flowers and genetics I wanted to share with you all as well..
20190908_224032.jpg Start by observing the differences in appearance between "California Dreamz" and "Sugar Pyne"



20190908_231201.jpg *Although the genetics are the same, the strains gain slightly unique variations in look and smell. So whats going on here?


With all that explained, now we can talk about Phenotype 3: Half Dome
Genetics: Dosido + The MAC

Appearance: I feel like this had a closer appearance to the Sugar Pyne strain, with small notes of purp peeping from the MAC.



Smell/Effect: This was grown to be a more mellow sativa dominant strain. It had a orangey/citrus smell to it, with undertones of pine.

If you want to look at more of West Coast flower check out their Instagram! @Westcoast_sunrise

Until next time. 👀


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Mac is sooooooo good I gotta assume this is killer!

Good review! 👏

I want to try all these strains 🤤


I second that!