Why Does Gorilla Glue Get Us So? Let Us Take A Deeper Look.

7 months ago

Gorilla Glue #4

This here is some intense herb. I know I have posted few #review pieces over time to showcase the #Wisconsin black market. I enjoy showing the quality buds we get to see floating around. Gorilla Glue is no exception, except it is probably my all time favorite buds around. Well there are a lot of buds I have yet to experience, this by far is the best I have enjoyed to date. Also with this being one of my favorites, please excuse the abundance of #nugporn on this strain.

Without further ado...I give you the Glue...


As you can see here, the buds are dusted with goodness. Tight but fluffy buds. Lime green with just an ass load of trics.


Let's get in there a bit closer to see the absolute structure..


Alright stoners, I'll get you in a bit closer to let that salivation begin!


Still not close enough?


Can you believe the quality here? These buds are flame dango! Enjoy these last few pics here...


I can't begin to express my excitement when the words Gorilla Glue come out of our supply line. If you have not tried GG4 Leafly.com, you definitely should!

New to #GG4? Take your first tokes at home! Make sure you can still function before trying to Glue in public. You might find yourself glued at just the wrong time....LOL

Well until the next bowl, Smoke Get Paid Repeat......


@jackdub what program do you use to structure your posts? I love your square images with the gifs. If it is not a big secret, How do you do that? I would like to encompass some gifs in my posts as well..

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GG4 is a great strain and seems really popular here on smoke.

As for the table it is markdown or html table and I think @jackdub did make a post a bit back on them


Thank you! I will scour back on his thread.

gifmaker.org is a good free program to make gif files and it even allows you to resize them


Thank you!

BOMB DOT COM! Holy moly that's some GLUE!

I see you get a strain called Gorilla Cookies now which I assume is Gorilla Glue + GSC.

I have read a few reviews on it and it sounds like a great stay at home and do nothing but be glued to the couch strain. I love the expressed green on it.