Thin Mint [GSC]... Let's Take A Closer Look...

4 months ago


Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Let's Take A Closer Look At



You can see by this lime green morsel laden in peanut-buttery colored trichomes to the left, this is going to be a #nugporn filled edition.

This cannabis is extraordinarily dense. True to the name nugget, even though the nugs are on the smaller size, they are little rocks that surely break up well.

I was beginning to question the lack of purp visible with it being a GSC strain, Then I broke some open...



There is that gorgeous hue, purp…
Honestly, just seeing the purp makes the experience that much better. Then to take it a step further and really look into the eye of the chome!


These Black Market Buds are insanely coated in trichome, the bud has a more ambery look to it but up close, we're seeing clouds... Watch the zoom in to the nice hook looking hair!


Here is a few more stills for you to salivate to...


Here are some shots in alternate lighting...


I had to....

Ok, Ok, Time to Puff Puff...
I really liked the way that this
cannabis breaks down. It crumbles
nicely into the perfect structure
to pack or roll. This weed is so
sexy sitting in the grindhouse!


It looks just as fabulous sitting in my previously won #RoachSunday pipe! (1 of 2)


I like to smell the bowl before I blaze it up, I find that is when I can smell it the best! I gets my mouth ready in anticipation for the great first toke. This bowl was no exception, the smell is piney and almost sourish pungent. Ground up it smells a lot like #hash.

The initial hit is gaseous and deep tasting, on the exhale there is the smoothness of the cookie. Yet, honestly a minty after-tone, and then a choke. I feel a heady start here, but not cloudy minded. I never stop at 1. The next hit was kind of cheeky, a bit smaller so I didn't have to forcibly expel the smoke, more of a lingering release. Very nice. Yha, I'm high, no I'm stoned.

I could see myself using this weed for headaches. My mind, upper cranium is tingly numb. Right now totally heady, not much to the body affect at all. My eyes are a bit altered with this strain, they seem to lock in sharper.

I can feel the creative juices beginning to flow through my mind with more prevalence, shit I have to work in the morning. This apparently isn't go to sleep cannabis. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like this strain has a bit of a pick me up to it.

Well I'm not sure what else I can disclose about The Thin Mint GSC, it appears through what I have read, this is a phenotype of the GSC strain. Meaning the lineage would be the same as the GSC strain. Durban Poison x OG Kush. I'm not sure what the rarity would be for this pheonotype, if it would be like the 1 in 1000 AK47 seeds it is suggested to take planting to get a Cherry AK47 pheno.
Until next time

Toe Toe Toke It Up....



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Just picked up a half of that very strain myself. I havent had a chance to sample that one yet.....was a tough choice, seeing I also got one of my favorites, purple paralysis!


Still need to try the Purple Paralysis. A buddy of mine was talking up that strain! @rone420!

I'll take a bite


Next time I’m in Illinois we’ll have to share a bite. 😏

Beautiful nug porn! Nice roach Sunday score too!

I am salivating :D

Good images and animation, i like it