Sunset Sherbert... Let's Take A Closer Look...

4 months ago


Sunset Sherbert #ACloserLook

What a beautiful strain Sunset Sherbert is! GSCookies Lineage, the unbelievably embedded purps ought to get a few of you tokers a bit hyped up and drooling. Frosty purply-green goodness from nature's bountiful blossom! What a perfect holiday treat, Happy 4-20!!



Kindly Let Me Direct Your #Nugporn Attention Please

This bud smells like'll have to stop back for the comments on that as my nose is not working right now. Honestly, I cannot smell, just allergenic or something. When I can smell I will let you know for sure. If it smells anything like it looks...Well.

mac001.jpg    Let's Take That Closer Look!


Fuzzy just like I love them, I know you do too!

These buds are no exception to the quality Black Market strains I have been sharing here on Wisconsin seems to be sharing in the top notch quality strains flooding the Illinois / Michigan markets, some put on display for the community by @rawpride. I would have to say, I have seen more and more impressive cannabis in recent years. The funny thing is...It just keeps getting better!

Let's Get Right In There!





My phone camera is not really cooperating lately. Just as I start to focus, as I start to zoom in, Apple decides it needs to switch cameras on me... I move the lens and well, Apple switches back to the other lens? Wish I knew how to turn that feature off of my phone that cost more than my first vehicle. So hope the shots I chose are worthy. Anyways...





Sunset Sherbert hits smooth. It is definitely potent, I felt the buzz already on the second hit. I rolled up this joint, it was such a good tasting grass, I had to pack up my shotgun bowl I won from #FreebieFriday and @tecnosgirl. It even tasted good through the pipe. I actually got pretty faded sitting here typing up this post listening to #GHRO. If you haven't had the chance to check out GHRO's discord channel I really suggest you do! Remember not to forget listen today @ 4:20 for the announcment of the #Ultimatecontest winner!

Until next time...



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That’s got some great purple to it.

OHHHH man.... those are some deep purples then bright oranges! GREAT PICTURES

Tasty looking buds, lately a lot of the buds i've been getting with purple accents have been extra fragrant and sticky :)

Great post ,pic's . I do like a sunset!