Mountain-Jam... Never Heard Of This Strain Until Tonight... Let's Take A Closer Look...

6 months ago


Mountain Jam. A strain bred with the genetics of
Soulshine and Blueberry. Soulshine itself has very
limited info released due to the breeder keeping
them secret. Apparently bred by the Cannabis
Cowboy Collective. The Blueberry, well... This bud
is a very heavy Indica hybrid. I've acquired this
Mountain Jam through the black market.




The trichomes on the bud are prevalent.
The color is mostly lime-olive
green, however there are hints of
yellow and purple. The buds are
dense, in the sack I picked up the
buds all averaged 1 gram. There was
a nice 2.5 gramer in there though. That's
the curvy one in the pics.


This Mountain Jam is impressive. It hits you immediately. As I was tasting the taste, I realized I was high. And Now. Wow.



The smoke comes with a sour lemony, earthy
grow medium taste. The bag itself plunged to
your nose with a big gulping inhale leaves only
a lemony grow medium smell, that almost has a
menthol to it. By that I mean sinus smooth.



You know I love getting up close and personal
with my warez, let me take you down close
enough to see them spikes. The #purps really
show in these photos, that leaf tine sticking
out is almost all purp.



Although not much can be know of the genetics due to the Soulshine involved, this dank is flame. I really enjoy this bud, and I think you should too. Keep your eye out for the Mountain-Jam. It originates from CO.
Here is some shots under different lighting...




This pic really showed the yellow in the bud. Once again, hope you enjoyed the #nugporn along with a mysterious strain review.


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I've never heard of Mountain Jam or Soulshine. Based on those photos I need to get my hands on some asap.


This was a first for me as well. Definitely get your hands on some!

Excellent photos. You really got right up in there.

Having nice taste is a must when you see all them trichomes. Amazing close ups.


The taste was really good for sure!

Those are some dank looking nugs. Just covered in trichomes!

Nice lookin nuggets. Looking dark dense and frosty!


That’s the way we like em! ☄️🔥💥

Like the sound of soulshine.

Very nice buds you have there. Shame we can't know more about its ancestry.


I figure on seeing a lot more of this. Growers staying one step ahead of the next. Strains that set certain ‘doctor green thumbs’ apart.