Cindi 99, Direct Descendant of Jack Herer, Total Recovery Med

last year

Well Smoke community, today I've been really #sick. Just sipping on H2O would make me lose it. So after dealing with the pain and misery all day I just had to #smoke a bit of this C99. After feeling like I have the Noro Virus...this strain brought me right back to life. Honestly I haven't been able to get out of bed since Noon, then at midnight I needed to move around. So I took a few hits of the #Cinderella.

Now I can move around without losing it. The strain seems to calm the convulsions in my stomach. This allowed me to get in some of those much needed fluids and now I'm feeling so much better. Don't get me wrong I'm still feeling 'not right' but this cannabis is truly helping to keep the sick at bay.


So this is Cinerella 99...its a cross between Jack Herer, and Shiva Skunk. It's been reported by this strain was produced with a Jack Herer seed found in an Amsterdam cafe bag. This bud is definitely not quiet, it smells a bit different, almost like a touch of incense with the skunk. It has a very flowery almost potpourri scent. The taste follows the smell. Its not a bad taste, there is a bit of Sour/Lemon initially, then a flowery. Just a bit different than I would think of anything Skunk.


These close ups show the complexity of the plant's structure. Its very hairy almost fuzzy.


Cinderella 99[C99], has become my #recovery weed. I recommend this strain for the relief of nausea.


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You gotta find the glass slipper man!



Fantastic zoom. I could look at these close ups all day long. Upsmoked and resmoked.

Get well soon

C99 is a must try for anyone that is for sure

I've had White 99


That is a strain yet to be enjoyed by myself.

Hope you get better soon mate, take care!