That Alien though

4 months ago


I don't think I've done a review on this strain yet?

I don't like Alien Rock Candy

I don't like Huckleberry Kush

How do I like this strain?

It's so freakin weird.

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Wowm I have never seen such a detailed strain review in my life XD


This isn't a strain review

Alien rock candy sounds like sounds like a hard drug from outer space.

Let that be an education to the community, just because the parent strains individually might not be what you like, don’t let your bias keep you from trying every strain!


Yeah, I wasn't expecting this, and honestly, I was going to pass this strain up. A buddy however grabbed some, and brought it over cuz he wanted to test it out in the Volcano. I was blown away, I was like "WTF this is phenominal" so I had to get some.