Tahoe Alien takes you out this world

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4 months ago


Tahoe Alien, space weed!

Tahoe OG and Alien Kush make this fantastic hybrid. A 60/40 Indica Sativa cross. Earthy, Lemony, Piney. It inherits all the great traits of its parents. The strain also has a name you cant really beat. The strain is so potent its out of this world, literally space weed.

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Lucy Sky Cannabis

This cut came from Lucy Sky Cannabis. Its got a nice mellow relaxing effect. Very happy and uplifting. The taste is out of this world. A truly remarkable Kush Strain. I would grab this again.

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This would be a strain for me! I wasnt big on the bubba alien in my state though

Probably the kind of strain i really need now, Really looking amazing. Enjoy!!

Nice family tree with this one - i like the tahoe and alien og, this looks like some resinous fire :)

I wish we had all that kinda label but that is not the case for most places here. This weed looks fire tho I would love to try tahoe

I have to honestly say, anything with Tahoo in it is out of this world! My best strain I grow is Tahoo og x og. What state do you live in?

This bud will take you to the moon!


I think you left that first one outside because it's covered in snow, Lol. It does look like a bloody alien mate, bong on bro. :-)