Some trashy Gorilla Glue my buddy had, little bit of Texas black market bunk!

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4 months ago


Bunky black market Gorilla Glue

I haven't seen weed this bad in a long time so I thought it was kinda post-worthy in a weird way lol. I realize I'm living a bit in the future here in Colorado, so I sometimes forget bud like this is actually out there. I was visiting a friend and this is what they were smoking on! I ain't gonna say it's brown, but I'm also not gonna say it's green... I guess I'll call it green-ish. It's real weathered looking, probably outdoor buds.


Really, not the best in flavor, but enough will get ya there

In a pinch this isn't something that you'll enjoy the smoking experience for the flavor, but if you smoke enough of it, it's gonna take you places. So when your faced with the option of this, or nothing, it's definitely better than nothing lol. The bud isn't the best in Texas, can't wait to be back in Colorado!

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Ouch. Ya that doesn't look very appetizing.


Naw man, not at all.

Dang, here in South East Asia that would be considered top shelf.


Whoa, I'm sorry to hear that man, truly am.