Pure Love CBD Strain!

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4 months ago

Pure Love CBD

I grabbed some Pure Love which is a CBD strain made by a cross of LA Confidential and X18 Pure Pakistani. It was a nice change of pace, a tastey smoke, great for work or a lighter smoke.


More CBD than THC

CBD strains have more CBD than THC and because of it have a different overall effect. They tend not to be a more mild and mellow experience. CBD counter-acts some of the effects of THC, like paranoia for a lot of people.

The smell was like ripe mangos, which was also very apparent in the flavor. It was very fruity, with some floral flavors mixed throughout. This strain tastes fantastic in a blunt and would make a plane flavored blunt taste like a flavored one.

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I always thought CBD strains would be great for me because of the epilepsy but I do much better with high THC Indica strains

I would love to try a high cbd strain. Thats a lovely looking nug. How was the high? I like to find strains that help with neck pains mostly. But blackmarket i just try to find the best looking 😒


This strain might be good for pain if you have it. It's more body than head


Yeah i definitely benefit from the body high. I should really venture in making more edibles, but i cant go stinking up the place

I’ve still never tried a high CBD strain.


They aren't the same

You get your hands on some lethal looking gear mate, thanks again for making use jealous, Lol bong on bro. :-)


Thanks bro, don't forget to bong on

I used to put CBD extract iny Amnesia Haze to help with the negative side effects of smoking Amnesia for a longer period. Which is extreme forgetfulness and a a mind so foged that you can't think straight. It helped with lessening those bad sideffects I would get from that specific strain.


Well it is in the strain's name ;D


So true 😂

Why the high cbd strain?

It’s all I can really smoke.... I need 10:1 ..... 10% CBD to 1% THC .... just the way I am.

Nice post. Haven't tried the flower but I had a Pure Love vape cartridge before that really helped with pain and mood. Unfortunately i have only seen it for sale once this past year.