Lee Roy OG is a real good strain to me

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4 months ago

Sourced from Rare Dankness Genetics

Lee Roy OG

Lee Roy comes from one of the finest breeders in the business, Rare Dankness. This was produced by crossing Triangle Kush with their own Rare Dankness #2. The Result, some of the finest OG genetics on the market.

Sourced from Rare Dankness Genetics

Super Resinous Trichomes

This strain leaves you feeling Happy, Uplifted, and Euphoric. It has a kush flavor mixed with a strong citrus flavor, specifically lemon and lime. The smell is absolutely ridiculous. It will fill a room and quickly. Very potent smell, skunky, kushy, citrusy. The buds are covered in trichomes and super resinous. Very sticky to the touch.

Original Image

Burns slow in joints/blunts

This bud burns real slow in a blunt or a joint. Being so sticky and resinous helps in that regard. That's something you really want if your a smoker. It smokes great in pipes and bongs as well, but you might want a torch for a bong.

10 out of 10, would recommend

This strain is one of the best strains I've come across. I would highly recommend it to any seasoned smoked who could really appreciate it's intricacies.

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Just wondering...why the lack of purple in the original image here compared to the stock photos sourced? Different grow conditions?


I labeled each of them, the first two are sourced from rare dankness and the last is original


I see that, I was wondering why it appears to differ so much from your sourced pictures. Your original picture to me looks like something a bit different. Quite a bit lighter green.

This is a strain I've wanted to try forever and haven't. I've had Larry OG and Ghost of Lee Roy, but never Lee Roy OG


Definitely grab it if you get the chance

My god! If someone said that isnt fire, then i would tell them to stop dabbing, i think you may have a problem, lol.

Awesome bro, that bud in the first photo looks like a big purple Christmas tree, Lol. 10 out of 10 is bloody impressive mate, bong on bro. :-)

Man, this looks so damn SWEET! Potent hybrid for sure! Is there some CBD content? Sometimes, if there isnt't I get a bit to jittery and even almost paranoid or claustrauphobic, for instance, if I have to ride public transit during rush hours... A little CBD, lilke 2 or 3%, as you know, helps to avoid these side effects...

So all of them look fire and I really wanna try this one now. However there is no purp in yours. What gives?

Well we all know how you love them PURPS!

Ill keep my eyes peeled for this strain, sounds and looks fantastic

You should send me some lol just kidding I would be too paranoid to get weed in the mail.