Got some Witches Weed, dense fire nugs

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4 months ago

Super Dense

These are some of the densest buds I've had in a while, like little rocks. They went ahead and crossed Chemdawg D, Cinderella 99, OG Kush, and San Fernando Valley OG. There was nobody there to stop them, they just went ahead and did it and produced this amazing strain.


Hot Fire

This shit looks, smells, and tastes amazing. It's got a very distinct and unique smell that is very loud. An open jar of this will fill the room with its scent. It's got a bit of a skunky smell to it with some fruity berry/lemony hints. The flavor of it throws a whole lot at your pallet. The fruity flavors are distinctly noticeable, covering a earthy funky flavor.

Genetic Chart

I found this cool genetic chart showing it's closest related strains. The closest strain on here is Ghost OG. I can see some similarities with Ghost OG, but it's definitely it's own strain, with very disctinct and unique qualities. The high is very heavy, coming in strong on the cerebral. It's got high energy and uplifts you, but it also has a nice euphoric body high to accompany you.

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Wow they really crossed some killer strains to come up with this one.


Yeah, it's super dank for that reason I'm sure

Damn, I'd love to try this strain just based on the cross

Wow that is some fire weed and them genetics are just nuts I want 😁