Got some Gelato

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5 months ago



Picked up some Gelato for around 200 a zip. This is some real fire herbs right here. You can see the purple flowers, just like I like um. It's a deep purple, almost engulfing the whole nug. It's like the greens tryin to pop out through there but the purple won't allow that to happen. Then you got the white frosting sprinkles all covering it all over. You know this is some murder right here, one of the best I've gotten in a while.


Sweet ice cream

This taste like it sounds, like you got some Gelato. Sweet berry ice cream like flavor with a hint of that girl scout cookie flavor we're all so familiar with. I am a really big fan of this strain right here. The flavor, the smell, the look, the effects! All around 10/10


Heavy Indica

This is a heavy Indica strain, good for relaxation and just all around feeling in a nice positive mood, with a good old body high to take you home. It's about time to perl up another one!

Smoke one for me homies!


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Thats some dumb dumb fire


That purple flame!

Those buds look really good mate, i can just imagine how great it must taste


REAL Great!

The Gelato we get looks a bit different, lighter purple, Honestly this looks more appealing to me!


I like that deep purple!

I love the purple on it. It looks like a purple berry.

Gelato looks real dope I love all purple strains. Great report man!

Awesome, they are some wicked looking nugs there bro, they look almost black, bong on bro. :-)


Bong on, this one takes good in the bong

🤤🤤🤤 smoking it!


Thank you!