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Aurora (Latin name for Northern lights) indica, an in indica dominant hybrid strain breed by Nirvana seeds is a cross breed of the hybrid Northern lights and the landrace Afghani strain, both indica dominant strains which make the strain about 90% indica dominant.
When smoked, it gives off a smooth smoke with a fruity flavour with coffee undertones. Aurora indica is a perfect strain for those who want to escape the distraction of the surrounding into a realm of peace and creativity, perfect for brainstorming.
It produces couch lock effect when taken at high dosage and even get experienced stoners couch locked with a wave of relaxation.
This strain is best suited for consumption in the evening because of its couch lock effect resulting from high dosage.

Average THC content is between 12-20% with very low CBD value.

It has a frosty chunky bud with conically shape medium to large sized flower which tapers down from a broad base to a narrow tip, covered with white cloudy trichomes which smells earthy and hashish.

Medically, Aurora indica can temporary counter depression, stress and anxiety, and also relief physical pains cause by arthritis and its likes. Also, because of its good sedative effect, the strain can serve as a good solution for insomnia patience. It can also be use to treat the symptoms of Migraines.

Aurora indica is an easy to grow strain (even first time grower can try it). Best suited for indoor grow in a semi humid condition. Aurora indica is ready for harvest in 9
-11 flowering week with an average yield of 1.3 ounces per square foot. You can get the seed from the breeders


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Those buds look so amazing. Seems like a wonderful strain


It sure is