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7 months ago


Look what I found last night.

This is 2 grams of a #strain called #Channel. I had thought I had try this before but compared to the information I found online I got the real one this time. I say that because not to long ago they told me this name but it tasted complete different to what this taste like. Anyway enough about the old and in with the new.

                            Channel 3.png

This has the sweet flavor of mixed berries. A little to fruity for my liking but for those who have a sweetlung this is for you. The smell is just as fruity as the taste. To be honest I wouldn't mind some Sour or some OG's, all these recent #strains I have been getting have been more on the sweet side but I dough I'll find any of those any time soon but it's always good to keep hope alive.

                            Channel  4.png

The smoke on this is very nice. Super smooth while coating your taste buds with the sweet flavor. The buzz is an even bend of bust of energy but very relaxing to the point that if you catch a nice spot in the shade you might be there for a while. I would like to give thanks again to @tecnosgirl for the dope postcard that has become the back drop for a lot of future#nugporn shots. Don't forget about her Freebie Friday contest where you can win all kind of cool stuff.

                                                      Untitled 2.png

All my #review are bought on the #blackmarket, so when am told a name I look it up online to verify if what 3 or 4 different websites (they change with each search) then I come to my conclusion if what they told me it's called really is what am smoking. I have to do this because the cannabis clubs here want to over price the same cannabis I can get outside for a lot less. Most the time half the price. The black market is a hit or miss on quality but the price stays the same. From my last few reviews I think its fair to the the black market has been good to me :D. I hope everyone reading this enjoyed it, let me know what you think in the comments. Like always cya later and smoke on. You can also find me at On IG Also on FB And Twitter On Steemit Follow me on Need Seeds?

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