Matanuska Thunder Fuck (Added New Photos)

2 years ago


So seen I've moved to Spain finding good buds can sometimes be hard to do without paying an outrage price. But today I found #Matanuska never heard of it before so I had to look into it because I have to admit it's fire! I looked it up and it has to be related to if the the Spanish name for #alaskanthunderfuck, which I've always been a fan of but that a maybe. From what I found out it's a 90% #indica strain and I knew that before I read it because I toke a nice weed nap after the first joint :D!
It kind of reminds me of some old school haze. The #buds are #frosted. I didn't use and flash in the photo's. I wish I would have toke more pictures but after a few toke trust me you would have forgot too. 20190619_163657.jpg


It #smokes great! It's has a super loud piney smell which will out from a zip lock bag so you better have a jar ready if you plan on taking some #nugs out of the house. It's a heavy high which will produce couch-lock, so it's better to best smoked later in the day unless it's one of those lazy Netflix and chill day. I Didn't eat the whole house but about half of it ;D. Definitely looking forward to refilling my jar with this strain for the time is around. Check back for the photo update in the next few days. Leave a comment let me know what you think? Cya


Here are the new photo's I promised.





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In my imagination,i would smoke a spliff of this ,lounging in the shade,by the pool ,at my spanish mountain villa .: )


I second the "lounging in the shade". The sun drains you of all your energy if you try to be to active in my option.

Definitely an interesting color!


I just picked up some more I will be posting new pixs soon.