Found some unknown strain, but it's FIRE!

7 months ago


Found some I don't know what #strain.

Not sure what the strain is but this stuff is fire! My phone isn't the best for photo's so these don't do the #cannabis justice. The trim job could have been better but that's always going to be a problem here. But it's cool because most of the time they are nice sugar leafs.


@indica This joint is for you. I'm using a grinder and am about to watch John Wick 3. You bought him up on another post on mine but never got around to seeing part 3. I know I bet am super late. I don't watch tv so if I don't see it on a youtube or fb ad I won't find out.


The #smoke on this is a heavy citrus with a light sweetness to it. I want to say it like a sweet mint taste but the citrus fades it out so you only really taste it when you inhale. Whatever it is its heavy on the indica side. I smoked a joint normal sized and my whole day stopped. It's a good thing I waited till night fall because this would have being a day killer lol.


I have been out a bit more then normal this week being summer and all I have been going to the beach a lot so I haven't been posting much just commenting. Tomorrow I will post of update on my budget grow so stay tuned and hit that follow button. Thanks @tecnosgirl for the postcard in the background. If you haven't go follow her. Well like always cya later and smoke on. You can also find me at On IG Also on FB And Twitter On Steemit Follow me on Need Seeds?

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Looks really great. Greetings from germany :-)


Grüß dich! from Spain, we're not to far away.

A little surprise strain to surprise you hahaha that's how it's mostly here. You have to guess what you get. The buds look excellent to me. Pretty light and dark color combination. Nice


Here in Spain another problem with the names of strains that I have is that they translate the name to spanish which throws me off. Some I can translate but others are just impossible or it take me a while to understand between the lines.