Strain Review: "Mind Fuck" or "MindFuck"- Hybrid

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5 months ago

Last week, I ordered from Green Guys delivery. I got 2 1/2 ounces, and since the order was late, they gave me a free 2 grams of this MindFuck hybrid.

Not gonna lie. My initial reaction when I saw the strain name was something like "Yeah, right! lol"

I had been vaping some very high THC strains (indicas, sativas, and hybrids). My tolerance is high, and they don't phase me at all.


It felt kind of like this

Turns out I could not have been more wrong. I casually vaped some of this around 10 pm, and within minutes, I was feeling a super strong body high in addition to some head high, but mostly like a pressure on the top of the head.

It's so funny. I keep proving myself wrong. I didn't believe there was any real difference in effects from one strain to another. I was thinking that it was only THC and CBD, and different ratios of those cannabinoids (and of course the minors too) was what made the effects what they were.

But only after a few short months of trying strains. I see that these strain names -and in many cases - indica/ sativa labels - are very significant.

Not saying that the strain name system isn't totally wacked, but I'm finding that there's more truth to it than there is bad info.

By the way. I searched for info on this strain, and found a strain called "Black Mamba" that is also known as "MindFuck". So maybe this is it?

I lost so many things. In such a short period of time!!

That night I decided to try some, I ended up losing my grinder, 1/8th of the $100/oz og Kush (and still haven't found that), and would definitely have lost my head if it wasn't attached.

It was so bad that when I decided to try it again for the review, I made sure to clean up the house and put everything away (except for the vaporizer) before starting.

Taste/ Smell
Super skunky/ coffee/ perfume / citrus / batter

Bud Quality
Very good. But smushed.

Lots of head high. Lots of body high. Lots of brain farts.

  • Horrible for working/ focus.

  • Perfect for just plopping down on the couch and letting the BS of the day melt away. Just make sure to plan your night/ prepare before you start puffing on this. Otherwise, you're going to be on an unwanted adventure for the next few days. Trying to find your remote, your wallet, your keys, and everything else.

  • Also, i'd imagine this would be perfect for managing pain / replacing opiate drugs.

Here are some more photos of this beautifully powerful flower for you to enjoy.





And finally, the meme I struggled to not use as the cover photo. lol. They are usually only hilarious to me. But it does sum up my experience pretty perfectly.

for those that haven't watched Arrested Development, it is one of the best shows of all time!

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Nice name for the strain lol.
Do you know the potency of it, or you didn't get that info. I can assume it's pretty damn high from the way you described it haha


I wish I did.

i need to find some concentrate of THAT strain!! Great post


I wish this place would give cannabinoid percentages / potency. But I think they are one of the shops still operating under the old medical laws here. Kind of sketchy, but I can't complain about the prices at all!

Edit: Also, I wanted to ask. I was reading the mmj laws in Vegas, and it looks like you have to live further than 25 miles from a dispensary to be able to grow. Is there even such a place that's not out in the wilderness? When I look around Henderson, it looks like there are some even out there.


Yes, there are. On the outskirts of Henderson. But honestly they made it in a way so that you're really far from a dispensary ... Because there's dispenseries everywhere. So yeah it is true. It didn't used to be like that I think they just change that

Awesome name, sounds like it matches the effects too - i'll have to watch for this one. Colorful glazed looking buds too :) it might be Vietnamese Mindfuck

Well it looks fantastic and sounds like it really did a number on you. I want some!

Need some of this.

Wow those buds look amazing, I think the name says it all, bong on bro. :-)

The way you described it, it´s a strong stuff...yeah, the best time to have it is at late night.