The weed we got here Vs Overseas - Why is it so Different?

7 months ago

Ever since smoke network launched, truth is i have been exposed to different strains of the marijuana plant, though i don't smoke that often but reading many of this strains here makes me feel like i already having a taste of those good stuffs.
I don't know maybe most of this plants ain't grown here in NG like the pound hammer, Acapulco Gold, OG Kush,Grape Ape ,Afgoo ,Double Dream , and so, cause the more i read about this strains the more i wanna have a taste. Now this drives me to my question if many of the strains grown here are actually different from the ones grown there, many of the strains i have been reading on here lately, i haven't seen most of them here, and the ones we have here most i don't actually like, it might be the way it was stored and that's why i prefer the Arizona over the rest can sleep well.

images (5).jpeg
Thing is, over here, we grown the Arizona strain more and store it properly than the others, well Sk too and loud dream, and different strains but the "SLANGS NAME" given to them has taken their real name from them..... over here you hear names like

  • Sk - i know its a strain of the sativa

  • Loud (Loud dreams) - A strain of sativa but looks like indica

  • egbo

  • highrover etc lol
    images (3).jpeg
    How they are grown defines what strain they are, over here in Ng, it's more confusing to know the strains one .... they've already messed up the names we don't know the strain we smoke, and to top it all, we just don't have fresh weeds over here, most i see are just so damnn dry with bad taste and smell awful , damnn!!!! got angry today..... wish i could be getting them fresh weed over Ng, thing is, its so expensive and with just bad grown.
    I really want a fresh weed, so sad its very difficult to get here especially the Acapulco Gold.

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I would guess a lot of the difference comes from how it's grown. Like most things in life you get what you put into it, at least within reason.

Growers here put a lot of money into their grow setup, hydro tables, clones, lights, chemical, timers, ventilation, ect... And because of that we end up getting (usually,) some high grade, potent and beautiful looking buds grown under ideal conditions.

If the farmer takes any old seed and tosses it into the ground and just hopes for the best, they may not end up with the best buds. Don't get me wrong, some of the best weed I've had has been grown outdoors, but this was by expert farmers who lucked into a good season.

We finally have legalization where I'm from, and I look forward to growing in my back lawn (hopefully in a new greenhouse) under more ideal conditions, to show off the skills I have acquired from my past woods grows.


you guys are lucky is legalized, i take you are from Canada or might be mistaken though, over here though, still see marijuana as a hard drugs and illegal, you smoke and grow it at your own risk, we hide from the popo to take cough up this good stuffs... i once Visted a place it was grown, many kilometers from where i stay, learnt some couple of stuffs and took some seeds but i couldn't plant that cause i was scared of the "Behind bars protocol"


Yeah and that likely contributes to the quality as well.

If I had to guess the weather / climate is probably not ideal for most strains.


Yeah i thought about that too, climate and weather plays a major roles in growing this strains, that might also be a factor.

I think the climate, the ground and the grower himself have a grat impact on the overall quality of the buds. I heard that just a grower himself can have a gigantic impact on how strong the effect is.


i agree with that too, climate plays a vital role to how buds behaves and grown, i read somewhere on leafly that they are some buds that requires special Lights to grow, i have seen some of those here.... I'm planning on growing the indoor ones to get my head outer troubles lol from the cops.


Yes that is important. Correct me of I'm wrong but I have heard that even they use different colored lights for different growth stages.


That's true too, check offgrids latest post and you see a bud with the purple light or something.

My major problem is that most pot heads in Nigeria don't know shit about weed, worst are the growers. Selling male and female together with heavy amount of seeds.

Lastly, most of our weed are Sativa and those growers don't even allow it to grow their buds. It is leafs we are just smoking here.

Just very few guys grow good products here. I meet a guy at Fela Shrine in Lagos he sells weed to Wizkid and Burna Boy. You need to see his Nigeria Haze Strain. Very beautiful and the guy is educated ran two courses from THC university so he isn't naive at all.

it high time we start to grow our own weed inside our house, I stay alone and will be starting my first plant by Next month hopefully. ordered for my liner, 700WAT led light and soils. Will start and also see if i can get seeds from folks abroad.


Really, wow that's one exciting thing i really wish i could do man, i believe you don't stay in Lagos, i read somewhere in you live in abj, correct me if I'm wrong would love to see how this are grown to gain experience,

the guy you stated about isn't naive at all, that's why celebrities actually visited him for the best...... wish you good luck with tge grown, and i will be keeping in touch with your blogs to see the progress and when actually i can come and smoke some 😂 😂 😂