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I have dreams, dreams day we can grow weed freely and legally. that knowledge and quality may increase. politicians are beginning to see that it is a mistake to ban. In my view, everyone who is against cannabis is a criminal. I'm not saying everyone should smoke. everyone should know for themselves whether it suits you. I have nothing against alcohol and I don't drink it. does not have to be forbidden, everyone should know for themselves what you like.

random old pic of me.🙌😊😆

old pic of amnesia of me

But dreamed enough. we're just going to fix shit. it starts with dreaming, blogging, realizing what you want

seeding and harvesting. hard work is the key to success. Good food take enough rest and go for it again.


be safe chek out my blog on weedcash and bla die bla ...


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I hope this dreams will become reality...the situation is improving more and more and one day i hope for worlwide legalization and easy acess to cannabis

Lol... Weedcash


Actually, the joke now is this place. :-) So the fact he's posted here is the funny one. This dead joke of a chain is the one that's worth less now, with less earnings. LOL. Despite the fact weedcash is a token on a sidechain, it's been supported really well with capital, so it has the edge over this place. All we've seen is depreciation over time and no bounce back of any great measure, because this place is a turd with a garbage team running it. LOL. :-) Even I, MYSELF, would prefer to earn weedcash right now, although I don't bother. Money is no object and I've been invested in both in different amounts and sadly weedcash has outperformed this shitstain of a chain in value retention and price stability. This place has just been getting dumped since it's conception by shadow accounts. It's a turd for sure. ;-)


To be an actual, full blockchain, with actual cryptocurrency, and have done this poorly... Speaks volumes to how much of a failure this shithole is. LOL. X-D


not good?


This is smoke :P

I have dreams like that too. It's good to hope for a better and brighter future, right? It keeps hope alive within each of us! :)

Mee too man, it sucks that it's still illegal to grow :(