Cannapedia series #59: The Khufu

5 months ago


Been an awesome weather on the first incentivized smoke community based on the blockchain technology, if you’ve been following the trend, we got many people joining and many amazing posts hitting the platform everyday, and the more I read, the more hopeful it gets for the cannabis universe, it’s market and it benefits, we are edging close to the regulated cannabis free world we always dreamt of. And today we continue on our cannapedia series and for sure it’s been a long running war of words and porny review of your favorite nugs and the goal is to review the best cannabis strains you can lay your hands on and for real we are going good on it. And we are up again for yet another issue of our cannapedia series.

Sour grape and the famous grand daddy purps mixed up to give us a pure masterclass of a hybrid strain, sour grape and for our previous issue, we popped on that and I’m sure you could tell how amazing that was, however, for those who missed out on that, it was another day with the balanced hybrid guys, a potent stress reliever and muscle relaxer with its sweet grape and diesel scent and a THC level high enough to get you to just the desired effects somehow psychedelic, the sour grape is just another strain to try out, no trophies to its name, but for sure you’d have to give it personal trophy, that’s a suggestion anyways… lol

On to our issue for the fifty-ninth issue of the cannapedia series and slowly we are almost there for the sixth decade and very soon we will clock a century on this long ride, however, it’s another day to get trippy and we can’t waste more time counting miles, and for sure we got put train heading to The devils harvest seed company and over here we got an amazing breed on our cards The Khufu cannabis strain, borne out of a careful interbreeding of three amazing strains, the cheese, Afghani and the San Fernando Valley original gangster (SFV OG), the Khufu strain so named due to its giant calyxes which marks a resemblance with the Pyramid of Giza.

Stuffed up with some good Indica strains, the Khufu is an Indica dominant strain with about 80% Indica and 20% sativa which may vary depending on gardening skills and weather conditions, a THC level of 20% at least and a record high of about 27% , the Khufu strain is capable at showing off its indica-indiced effects.

Highly sedative, this strain is more of psychedelic than productive, firing up the nerves with much calming effects and bringing the body to absolute calmness, a perk of energy could be felt at the onset thanks to the 20% sativa, however, the Indica rules at the end of the day, a perfect strain to bury your long fight with lack of sleep (insomnia), and also your anxiety, with enough cannabinoids to heal your pains and nauseating feelings.

With good performance against harsh weather conditions and also good resistance to pests, the Khufu strain is a relatively easy strain to grow, high yield have been recorded for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, farmers would have to wait for about Sixty days for the plants to flower.



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