Cannapedia series #52: Dr. Feelgood

6 months ago


The wet dreams strain rather gets you out of your sleepy mood that put you to sleep, so I’m confident we don’t have anyone asleep and so we are off to our next destination in our cannapedia valley, we keep bringing to your attention some danky strains to try out on your next trip to the dispensaries and I’m confident it’s been a nice adventure, for everyone, we are on our trip to the sixth decade of this series and it’s been a long one already. To get your favorite strain featured, kindly drop your suggestion(s) in the comments section and for sure, you’ve got a date with us. And if you missed that amazing previous issue, endeavor to flip to your left and check out what we smoked on yesterday, we will have a seat reserved for you when you get back. Welcome one again if you’re joining us on this trip today.

A little flashback, we judged on a nearly pure sativa strain, the wet dream, with the sativa level already in mind you’ll be assured that the name is actually a sarcasm, puts you up on top of your mood just when you feel it sleepy, the wet dreams beats you up from your sleep and prevents you from having that wet dreams. 22% THC at the highest level and about 12% lowest reported level, it’s for sure a strain to put you on that cerebral ride you’ve always wished for, natives of San Diego can attest to this, if we got them on our train, then they should share their experience with us, or anyone who have once had this strain, off we go!...

And if you’re yet to feel good after taking the wet dreams, then it’s time to let the noxious feelings go, with a strain that brings you to a feeling of goodness, The Dr. Feelgood (Doctor Feelgood) cannabis strain. Another camouflage strain? Not at all, we’ve got a reality strain on our cards for today’s issue of the cannapedia series and I’m already perceiving the woody and pine flavour of this strain, I guess someone already lit a joint of this strain at the far back seat of our train, that was fast though… haha

Produced by Colorado seeds Inc., the Dr Feelgood cannabis strain is a hybrid of Indica and sativa strains with a 50:50 sativa and Indica levels and just as the champagne Kush and other 50:50 strain, it’s a balanced hybrid. Produced via a cross between the high CBD Harlequin strain and the Gupta Kush, the Dr Feelgood is a significant CBD content strain, not at high as the A.C.D.C strain anyway, but not as low as many other strains with about 1-10% CBD, despite the CBD surge, it is also a potent strain with about 20% THC level and 16% THC on the average. It’s cerebral prowess is not in doubt, and you can be assured of that!

A Kush on this strain sends a buzz of energy and a happy and tingly feeling with its harsh smoke which might get your shedding tears just as the onions makes you do!, one starts to feel pressure around his eyes and temples and an increase sensitivity to light and sound. A huge comfort with the environment will get you socializing more and that talkative skills gets increased, this is followed by a relaxing feeling and the Indica takes its place. A nice option for that management of chronic pain. It’s CBD content makes it a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic strain with its good THC levels doing the cerebral works.

To grow this strain, the farmer needs to get clippings from already growing plants, good gardening skills is required, flowering starts in eight in nine weeks.




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