Cannapedia series #43: The Mother's Finest

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Holland’s got a little bit of tight road check across their boundaries, but that didn’t stop us from leaving their country, we’re actually not planning to settle there, so off we go to another page on our cannapedia series and as we flip, we go through cities, homes, paradises, remember we once visited heavens and with much animals we’ve come across, it feels as if we once crossed the Jurassic Park, but we missed the Dinosaurs with just an inch… lol, just kidding as always of course is we met the dinosaurs, I’d have picked some dinosaur eggs, that Worth’s a fortune you know, though it’s no way near the legal cannabis market and so we move on to the forty-third issue of our cannapedia series, if you’re here with us for another time, then it’s a big welcome to you, for newcomers, we offer the warmest welcome and an advice to go through our previous issues. We got guidelines on most things you’ll need…

For the past time, we reviewed a strain which I’ll describe as the Farmer’s delight and the stoners' delight too, it’s good news for the stoners and a bigger news for the farmers, with a THC level up-to 19%, CBD level of 0.5% and 90% Indica, for the farmers, 22ounces per square feet of plant for an outdoor growth with a good performance against harsh weather conditions is something you’ll pray for, that’s that for the Holland’s hope and we hit the engines of our jet parked in Ajax, everyone is onboard, except those who haven’t had enough of the Holland’s hope I guess, we’re not coming back for them, unfortunately… lol

It’s another day to get trippy and we have another danky strain on our cards, flip the switch! It’s the Mother’s finest Mother’s delight, mother’s love, give it any name but don’t forget to put a cute name after the possessive mother! It’s your very good friend and a two consecutive times high life cup winner (2003 and 2004), we saw this finesse win two times without an intersection, because we couldn’t hide it’s awesomeness.


Produced by the very popular Sensi seeds via the cross breeding of Haze and Jack herrer, the mother’s finest is a sativa dominant hybrid with about 70% sativa forming a clique with 30% Indica to give birth to a touch of class, and as we’ve said, you got sativa dominance and you know what that means, Sky-level! Out jet is turning into a space shuttle! One puff of the mother’s finest hits you with that bunch of energy and a punch of cerebral enhancements that increases your creativity and get your feeling like the new Will Smith or Jack Bauer, anyhow you want it. The Mother’s finest serves the smoker with a flush of energy which hits the cerebrals highly on his first puff, there is an enhanced sensitivity to impulses of sound and light and enhanced reaction to colour, this flush of energy is heralded with a euphoria and a happy feeling, one might talk a lot for the period which this effect lasts. The Indica effects sets in to calm the nerves and ensure safe landing of our space shuttle which left immediately we took that first blow.

With the lowest THC level of 13% and an average of 18% the cerebral ability of the Mother’s finest is linked to that of the Holland’s hope, only difference being the sativa dominance, it’s hence a good strain for the treatment of migraine and glaucoma also good for the management of fatigue and increasing hunger for food.

Outdoor growth is preferable and flowering starts in eight to nine weeks, moderate gardening skill is required.

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it looks incredible :)

Nice strain, it can be used more for medical purpose because of it's low THC content

Top notch strain, Won a HTCC sometime in the early 2000s