Cannapedia series #40: The Chemdawg

5 months ago


It’s fortieth heaven and an exciting one for the cannapedia series, one to remember, and back from @xxoxx ‘s A.C.D.C cannabis strain, an amazing strain in deed, however, we just scored another decade and for sure we’ll love to hear your suggestions as regards modifications and upgrades in our writings, this will help us serve you and make the remaining parts of this series much more better that the past ones, a smooth ride is all we ask for, so we go about it with all we’ve got, and that’s your encouragements for sure!. In case you’re just joining us today, then it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the cannapedia series, many strains reviewed already, but the smoke blockchain keeps them intact for you to read at anytime, so don’t hesistate to flip backwards…

The last time, we reviewed a strain suggested to us by @xxoxx, much appreciations for that, and for sure you can also make your suggestions of your favorite cannabis strain which you would like us to review on the course of this series and for sure you can trust with this task, the A.C.D.C is a rather medical strain than a strain you’d want to get high on, poor THC, high CBD, just the perfect strain for you if you wish to get rid of those pains and probably manage your epilepsy without the psychoactive effects of cannabis, with CBD as high as 20% and THC as low as 1% the cerebral effects of this strain is very poor as you’d guess, despite the sativa dominance, you’ll still find it hard to feel it, hard enough; read further on this, it’s just one scroll away from you!

Off to the issue of today, you’ll probably be pissed off if we fail to present you with a danky strain today, having reviewed a strain you’ll always stuck down the lowest layer of your cannabis shelf, it’s danky, at least better than the A.C.D.C, I promise, it’s the Chemdawg cannabis strain, not your first time of hearing this name?, that’s expected, the chemdawg is a very popular strain having won the hearts of many stoners and probably yours too.

The origin of the chemdawg keeps hidden in obscurity, amidst many claims by many people as regards this, the chemdawg according to several sources was grown first in 2016, several other sources holds different claim, however, the descent of this from the Dog bud is common amongst these sources, the dog bud so named due to its high potency which could make the consumer roll like a dog, amazing, I bet, the chemdawg is also spelt as chemdog.

With about 55% sativa and about 45% Indica which may vary, the chemdawg is an energetic strain and with 15% THC level at the lowest level and as high as 22% on the highest, the potency of the cerebral effects of the chemdawg is not in doubt. The sativa effect starts off immediately you take your first puff of this strain ,with amazing cerebral enhancements, the consumers sensitivity increases first with enhanced nervous articulation and sensitivity to the environment, you’d tend to talk more and personal creativity is also enhanced, the huge wave of energy hits you even before your could feel the earthy and pungent diesel scent of the chemdawg.
This strain is hence good for handling stress and anxiety, many smokers have reported a potent analgesic effect and hence this strain can be trusted for the handling of pain and treatment of migraine as the accompanying Indica effect calms the nerves and brings in some amazing calming effects and calms the nerves hence taking your pains away just like the breeze, good afternoon strain, just your very good friend when you feel down or moody!

Growing the chemdawg strain requires some very good growing skills, the plants can only be cloned as cultivation is only via the clippings from grown plants,indoor growth is preferred as it allows management of the environmental requirements. Yield is average with about 2-3oz per square feet of plant flowering starts in about nine to ten weeks.

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you are a light in this community I enjoy every episode very much


Wow! That's like the nicest word I've heard in a while, it's my pleasure, thanks for following up!

Chemdog is one of my favorites


Got to be, it's an amazing strain


I've never had it, but I know the name

strain in the chemdawg family mess with my sinuses


Really? Even if its grown differently? Ie it isn't the growth products used that's triggering this? Think its the terp profile?

Cannabis protects the brain after a stroke. Research from the University of Nottingham shows that marijuana can help protect the brain from damage from stroke, by reducing the size of the area affected by stroke.

This is not the only study that shows the neuroprotective effect of marijuana. Some studies show that these plants can help protect the brain after other traumatic events, such as concussions.

my ancestors used cannabis root boiled water for diabetes


I'd suggest you research more on this and write a good post on it for the smoke community, I'll be happy to read just as everyone else, thanks for stopping by