Cannapedia series #37: The Dutch Dragon

7 months ago


The XJ 13 strain got many doing some good stunts early in the morning, just like B13, the amazing stunts guy, but that won’t last forever though, so we are off the feelings and onto yet another issue on our long lasting cannapedia big book, we’ve got many amazing discussed and if you’ve been following, you’ll be amazed on your knowledge on cannabis have rapidly increasing, even the store keeper at the dispensaries already noticed that, hopefully we’ve got some newbies, new comers to be precise, there’s much to read already and it’s advised you read as much as possible…

About the last issue?, the savoury earthy, pine and citrus scent of the XJ 13 strain would fill your nostrils and you might dose much on the strain, at least more that you wished to take, no offences though, cos according to @technosgirl one can’t overdose on cannabis, that’s a fact though when compared to the normal definition of an overdose. The XJ 13 is a sativa dominant strain so for sure you can predict where the buzzy invigorating energetic rush comes from, you’d start to feel like a good stunts man, on B13’s level, that lasts for a while though, before the indica effects sets in to calm your nerves, much said already…


We continue our journey with yet another strain on our table and on our new page, The Dutch Dragons the dragons are only literal animals but I guess we have a real life representative here, some fire bud for sure, just as the dragon in your Game of Thrones series spits fire, so does this strain also, but the fact is, this dragon is coming for the Netherlands, and I presume you know watch that means… lol

Produced by the Paradise seeds, the Dutch dragon is a sativa dominant strain with a sweet citrus and tropical scent which feels the nostrils, a welcome feeling for the nerves and the central nervous system.

The sativa effects of the Dutch dragon sets in with an energetic feel with a uplifting and happy feeling, plunging you into a feeling of euphoria, one might start to talk a lot, a talkative effect of this strain, response to impulses of light, sound and colour is enhanced, with its THC level of 15-20% this feeling is highly cerebral. The indica effects sets in after about 1-3hours, with the feel of calmness peculiar to Indica.

This strain is hence good for the management of pain, nausea, anxiety, loss of appetite and other noxious impulses as it produced some net euphoric and relaxing feeling with an enhanced creativity and focus, head ache have been reported in cases of excessive consumption, so moderate consumption is advised.

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