Cannapedia series #27: The Bio-diesel

5 months ago


Let’s not allow the OG kush effect get the better of us, it’s time to move on, off to the twenty-seventh part of out cannapedia series, as we edge closer to our third decade on cannabis review, long run, kind of, with still much strains yet to be discussed we are surely on a very long-term quest, anyways, you’re officially welcomed if you’re just joining us on our cannapedia series on, for those following up, huge thumbs up as we continue on our ride.

The dispensaries recorded a slight increase in sales of OG kush cannabis strain, unarguably that’s due to our previous review, lol… a quick recap, the OG is one of the most popular cannabis strain, despite its advent in the late 20th century, it has grown to a wild popularity thanks to its mind and mood stimulating effects, you wouldn’t want to leave either your mind or your mood out of the wonderful feeling, so you’re gonna jump on some leaves of OG kush. A sativa concentration of 55% and Indica concentration of about 45%, energetic feelings comes up at first with an uplifting effect and you get to become more sensitive to light, colour and sound, while your mood is elevated too. With 20-25% THC and 27% highest tested value, it’s potency is not in doubt…

With much talked about the legendary strain, we head on the our cannabis focus of today, with so many strains reviewed, we have come across hybrids of two cannabis strainsand pure strains which are indica or sativa dominant of purely indica or sativa, however, today’s strain strikes a remarkable difference in this normal trend. The Bio-diesel, not in any way related to bio-warfare though… lol, the biodiesel is hybrid of four cannabis strains, that sounds weird, however the cross-breed of the Sensi star and three more diesel phenotypes yields the Bio-diesel, these these phenotype includes the NYC diesel, the sour Diesel which we have discussed in this series and also the Original diesel, I’m still perplexed on what made it original anyways, lol.


With much diesel in stock, the diesel, earthy and woody scent of the bio-diesel will surely come off as zero surprise, surely, this perculiar scent of this strain makes you feel like you’re burning some rolls of the the automobile heat compound Diesel, but actually you’re not to far from this, as the bio-diesel will get you going, just like your favourite sports car, the bio-diesel is also unique in the sense that it has equal indica and sativa, one of a kind, danky! Danky! Danky!...haha
Puffing on this strain gives you an equal calming and energetic feeling, not much of any of them, this makes it a unique strain in the medical sector as the combination of its indica and sativa effects makes it both relaxing and uplifting, you’ll fell fly with a calm mind, just the kind of feeling you’ll hunger for in a depressed state, apart from that, the bio-diesel is also much effective in the management of mood disorders, pain, anxiety muscle spasms and cramps. It’s and all-effective strain, one you’ll want to try ou for a meditative and energetic feeling, and having a THC value of 13-22% and about 24% on the extreme, the potency of this strain cannot be looked down on, CBD levels is less than or equal to 1%.

Growing the Bio-diesel is of moderate to high difficulty with some level of expertise required, hence a good experience is required if the growth must be successful Flowering starts in 8-10wks, flowering at twelve weeks have also been reported for delayed flowering.

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Some serious nugget my friend ! Nice write up too, wish I had some on my hands =)


Lol, the dispensaries will be at your beck and call


The 21+ shops opened up around here but are very limited in numbers, can't wait till they expand stores. =)