Charlotte's Sauce - 17% CBD - Strain Review

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7 months ago

Charlotte's Sauce - 17% CBD

Strain Review

Recently @mjgeeks made a post about a Black Friday deal on CBD flower. It was an interesting deal, so I had to check it out. The site had two strains up for grabs at a price of only $1 per gram. I snagged 10 grams of each for a total of $20. Here is a review of the Charlotte's Sauce strain, which weighs in at a heavy 17% CBD content.

Charlotte's Sauce - 17% CBD - Less than 1% THC

The buds were shipped from Las Vegas, Nevada and arrived about two weeks after placing the initial order. I could tell by the first looks that the Charlotte's Sauce was a higher quality bud than the Berry Wine strain. The nuggets were much more profound, and looked to be fresher and stickier.

The flower was a dark green color with hints of purple seeping through the crevices. It had a sparkle of crystals on some of the nugs, so it's a bit surprising that it lacked a THC content. Although the nugs were dry, they were nice to break up by hand making joints easy on the go. It's a great additive to THC-laden flower.

Although these buds don't contain much THC, they will work as a great stuffer to create loaded full spectrum joints. And you really can't beat the price!

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Charlotte's Sauce is pretty expensive...


but $1 grams are cheap af!

Nice and cheap!