ZOMBIE KUSH 80/20 indica dominant Evening Bowl Tokes - Cheerful Cushion + Witness Update

4 months ago


Hey Smoker's - another fine Sunday. I blazed up some Zombie Kush buds last night with the Octopus Bowl. Laid back, cushioned, and cheerful buzz - sweet fruity floral berry woody pine spice flavor, a tasty night cap.


Zombie Kush

The Zombie Kush 80/20 indica dominant = Sideral x Bubba Kush. With vibrant kief fuzzed lime greens, crisp ambers, and bright oranges, these buds have an almost zombie drool worthy 21% THC.


Zombie Kush Effects (Source)

the classic Sideral X Bubba Kush strains. Ready to be totally zombified? This mind boggling strain is the perfect choice to put any restless mind at ease, with relaxing effects that will have you focused and on task before you fade away into slowly building sedation.


Zombie Kush scent

The Zombie Kush buds have a sweet berry, fruity, and slightly pungent earthy scent to them.



Zombie Kush Flavor

Sweet berry fruity cinnamon woody pine spice flavor - mouth buzzing from the spicy terpenes.


Zombie Kush effects

Mind calm and cushioned - face numbed, eye lids lightly relaxed and slightly puffy. Euphoria flowing up from the solar plexus, chest cushioned and buzzing - endorphin rush from the peppery terpenes, cheerful perma-grin.


Solid calm and cushion with these spicy buds, laid back euphoric buzz. Sweet fruity floral berry woody pine spice flavor. I'll save these Zombie Kush buds for end of the day tokes.

Have a great day!

Smoke Witness Update

A quick update on the @jackdub Smoke Witness Server. All is good.. serving up Smoke Blocks without Interruption. I'll check often, but it's always running on the cloud with nohup.

Thanks for Voting @jackdub for Smoke Witness.
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Looks and sounds great, does it make you feel like a zombie? Haha


Not quite enough THC for the zombie drool, but definitely some zombie head haze :)

First time i hear about Zombie Kush and i have to say "what a great review!!" Its going on my list to try 🙂

Drool worthy indeed ...: ]


Crispy little kiefy buds, Zombie's a good name for an indica :)



Awesome glow in the dark octopus too.