Wood Bowl of WHITE WIDOW for Breakfast - Thorsday Seshjuan Podcast Tonight - Chat with @skylinebuds SMOKE Witness

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Thorsday Seshjuan Podcast 7-8PM Eastern Standard Time

Stoked about the chat Tonight with @skylinebuds... @skylinebuds is a smoke.io witness, be sure to go vote for him - witnesses keep the smoke.io data flowing, post quality control, and other stuff. @skylinebuds enjoys witnessing, smoking, growing, making posts and videos about growing and smoking, and probably some other things - we'll find out. There's also an upcoming project that he'll be announcing on the show tonight, hope to see you there.

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White Widow (60/40) Sativa Hybrid

The White Widow 60/40 hybrid sativa-dominant strain was born from the breeding of a Brazilian Sativa, and a resin-heavy South Indian strain. White Widow buds smell like a sweet tomato sauce - with a touch of lemon and earthy cannabis. Plenty of creative and happy energy with these White Widow buds - cheerful and bubbly. A solid body buzz with a lot of interesting feels in different places. Entertaining, energetic, outgoing - an enjoyable daytime buzz.
Source: White Widow Review


Beech Wood Pipe for the White Widow

Grabbed the Beech Wood Pipe for a quick morning smoke with the White Widow.


For a smoother morning bowl, a bunch of little untrimmed leaves from the lower White Widow popcorn buds were plucked off - before they were sliced up with the scissors.


White Widow Wood Bowl Packed, Blazed


A sweet tomato sauce taste with a light limon-lime citrus, pine, and earthy flavor from these White Widow buds. Thick smoke, plenty of terpenes that tingle the mouth.


White Widow is a perfect strain for beginners and one of the favorites of many - gentle cushioned effects and balanced social and creative energy.


A stress free and energetic morning with the White Widow beech wood bowl tokes.


Tune-In to the Thorsday Seshjuan Podcast for the chat with @skylinebuds, cannabis news, music - 7-8PM EST - on @canna-curate Discord - GHRO

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Have a great day!

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i don't know why some people say wooden pipe is not good , but seems you are enjoying your COOL pipe, i like it !


Thanks, i like this pipe i carved out of beech wood - as long as it's hardwood then it should be all good after broken in with a few sessions. The big bowl size is handy for packing once for a long smoke session - solid air flow with the tokes :)


nice,, yes the bowl big enough , well i always like to make some wooden pipe , it's been long time i have it in my mind, and carve some faces on it ,like little sculptors , i Think one day i will start that project too hehehh ...

Tonight will be awesomex can't wait to chill with you all tonight


I'll have a bowl of Tut packed for the chill and chat seshjuan :)

See you at the show!!!!


For sure, always fun hanging out with you at the podcasts - this is the pre party to your prettynice radioshow that goes live right after mine. Thorsday Spectacular :)

Have fun on the show tonight.. I might crash before, but will try stay up for it


Thanks, that would be awesome if you can catch the show. I'm making an attempt to record the seshjuan tonight, so i will most likely be putting up a recording tomorrow, just in case.

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Nice one. Like the pipe. Like you say, w.widow good for beginners, i've read its also a good grower outdoor i colder places.

Wooden pipes are some of the best pipes. It gives you an early wooden aroma to the smoke. I won't be able to listen so I hope he also does a post on it.

Awesome morning W&B! I hope my WW comes out that good!