WiFi OG (White Fire) 60/40 Indica - OCB Ultimate Rolling Papers - Relaxed and Lightly Energetic Morning

9 months ago


Rolled up a WiFi OG breakfast spliff with some OCB Ultimate paper. Extra thin papers - burned clean and slow. Enjoyed the relaxed, lightly energetic and euphoric morning buzz while waiting for the rain to clear.


WiFi OG (White Fire) 60/40 Indica hybrid

The White Fire 60/40 Indica leaning hybrid strain, also known as WiFi OG, was created with the crossing of the White Rhino and Fire OG strains (Source). These WiFi OG buds have 23% THC, notable amounts of Linalool 0.23%, Nerolidol2 0.18%, δ-Limonene 0.12%, β-Pinene 0.08%, and Caryophyllene Oxide 0.08% terpenes (Source). Balanced energy and smooth euphoric effects with a decently focused mind. I'd smoke these buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.
Source: WiFi OG (White Fire) Cannabis Strain Review - smoke.io


WiFi OG (White Fire) Looks, Scent

The WiFi OG buds have dark and light greens, a generous coating of trichomes, tiny burnt orange pistils. Decent bud structure, these resinous buds get a 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale. The WiFi OG buds have a sweet lemon-lime, pine, and pungent citrus scent to them - refreshing sweet and sour terpenes.
Source: WiFi OG (White Fire) Cannabis Strain Review - smoke.io


OCB Ultimate rolling paper

Stopped by the Hot Box Cafe smoke shop while in Toronto, picked up 2 packs of papers for 5 bucks, tax included - 1-1/4 size OCB Premium, and these OCB Ultimate rolling papers. Made with flax fiber, "Ultimate Thinness and Lightness" - these OCB Ultimate papers are extra thin, weighing in at 10g/m².


50 Papers Per Pack, "Made in France", "www.ocb.net". The papers have lengthwise pinstripe and OCB logo watermarks.


Split WiFi OG buds


WiFi OG Sliced


Spliff Rolled


Spliff Sparked


WiFi OG (White Fire) Flavor

First Toke... Sweet and dank flavor, pine, slightly citrus and earthy pungent. Second Toke... More sweet citrus terpenes, a little dry, earthy pine flavor, slightly sour pungency. Mouth is tingling, mind energizing - breathing and heart rate has increased slightly.


WiFi OG (White Fire) Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke... Euphoric energy bubbling up from the solar plexus. Third Toke... Sweet lemon citrus pine with bright terpenes and a touch of sour on that toke - smooth tasty. Cheeks and brow numbing.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Slight perma-smirk. Smooth morning effects - balanced, relaxed, awake. Mind still lightly energized. Fourth Toke...


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Fifth Toke and Sixth Tokes... Smooth thick smoke from this spliff. Cushioned, lightly energetic, front of the brain buzzing lightly. Eyelids slightly relaxed, perma-smirk light euphoria.


30 Minutes After First Toke...

Head is cushioned, eye lids relaxed, mind still still lightly energetic - perma-smirk, comfortable morning effects.


Smooth balanced energy, relaxed body, lightly energetic mind - enjoyed the morning buzz while waiting for the rain to clear and doing a few chores. The OCB Ultimate thin 1-1/4 size papers rolled easily, burned slow and clean. I'd smoke these WiFi (White Fire) buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

Have a great day!

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Those sound like pretty cool to smoke for a balanced out effect. The color is also mesmerizing and bright. I like it. The also ounds really cool. White Fire. Sounds mistical.


I like when they make the name from the parents names - those are often the best weed names too :)


I agree. It makes it easier to figure out the parents and the combos are bombastic.

So salivating... I WANT IT!
Great review, as usual...


Thanks - these were some tasty ones, the white rhino parent had me curious.