WHITE SHARK 70/30 Sativa-dominant Hybrid Strain - Sharks Have to Keep Moving, They Just. Don't. Stop.

4 months ago


Not to be confused with the Great White Shark strain, this White Shark strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with energetic, uplifting, friendly, and adventurous effects. True to it's name sake, there's no worry of procrastination - this strain will keep you moving forward.

WHITE SHARK Sativa-dominant Hybrid

The White Shark 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is from the cross-breeding of the Indica-dominant Super Skunk strain, and the Sativa-dominant Brazilian and South Indian strains. Source. These White Shark buds were purchased from the OCS.ca web site, grown by RedeCan - 14.5% THC content.


The tiny little buds are well trimmed, they get a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale. Burnt orange pistols, a generous covering of trichomes - caked with white crystals.


The White Shark buds have a sweet, citrus, light pine, light mango, creamy, earthy weed, and sweet baked goods scent.


White Shark is a hybrid strain that provides pain and stress relief. These flowers smell earthy and herbal with hints of skunk and citrus, like citrus herbal tea. The smoke is thick and smooth with a roasted taste like coffee. This strain will leave users intense feelings of pain and stress relief that may turn into an energizing, talkative cerebral haze.
Source: MassRoots.com - White Shark - Marijuana Strains

Bud Grind

A couple weeks back I had used the grinder for a spliff - rolled it too tight and got zero air flow. Lately I've been grinding for bowls - for spliffs and blunts I'll break out the scissors for bud shaving. Check out that kief from the White Shark grinding.


Bowl Packed

Packed up the Nut and Bolt Pipe. I like how the socket bowl looks like it has teeth - appropriate for the White Shark strain. I managed to get the kief icing on the top - tasty.


White Shark Taste

First Toke... On exhale i'm tasting light blueberry, citrus, and spicy tastes - almost a gasoline type of spicy. Tongue is tingling, cheeks and lips are numb. The eye brow is feeling numb too.


White Shark Effects

5 Minutes after First Toke... Slight energy building in the chest, the mind is getting excited. Second Toke... Bland and spicy (almost a light burnt plastic) slightly sweet taste again - not harsh - with spice on the tail end. Dark skunk flavor, a little dry, drinking some water.


10 Minutes after First Toke...

That light energy in the chest has spread out, but it's so subtle it's like it's almost tickling. Heart rate has increased slightly, but breathing has not. Numb on the forehead, front-top of the head, and the very front part of the brain. Getting some happy feels, almost like a perma-smirk. Third, Fourth Tokes.


20 Minutes after First Toke...

Now that I've got up and moved around, I can see a good reason to call this strain White Shark - sharks have to keep moving, they just. don't. stop. Feels good to move around - this is a happy and smooth energy buzz.


25 Minutes after First Toke...

The front part of the brain feels a tight knit cushion, almost buzzing - makes me think of sharks sensing energy. The temples are numb too, the gums, and the chin. The whole skull feels lightly cushioned. 40 Minutes after First Toke... Uplifting effects, fairly clear and energetic mind. The clearest mind of all the strains that i can think of, no energy rushes to jitter it in the slightest - just that subtle keep it moving energy.


1 Hour and 10 Minutes after First Toke...

Solid happy and energetic effects still present, the front part of the brain has relaxed - just got a call to go ice skating, perfect buzz for that. 1 Hour and 40 Minutes after First Toke... Healthy appetite, having lunch before going skating. 2 Hours and 25 Minutes after First Toke... Decent buzz still lingering, time to go ice skating.


4 Hours after First Toke...

Out skating, shooting some pucks on goal - face still a little numb when I check, feel good. Didn't notice a burn out with this strain, super smooth landing. These White Shark buds will keep you moving forward - I'd smoke them in the daytime and early evening.

Have a great day!

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Because of the Sativa aspect this would probably only be a strain I'd like for once and a while, but the flavor sounds real nice. This looks like some of the highest quality bud you've posted.


Very tasty buds - hard to describe some of the flavors sometimes - creamy and sweet taste like tapioca pudding comes to mind :) I usually hang more to the Indica side, but these Sativa leaning buds were a gentle surprise. The grower, RedeCan had to do a recall last year due to moldy buds - they might be trying extra hard to redeem themselves :)

That looks like some real fire there, almost white!


So much kief with the grindage - at least 1/8 was kief - it all smokes :)

Go! what good looks all these buds have. I liked the description you made about the effects you were noticing. You give me healthy envy !! Haha
By the way! I could not skate smoked hahaha I would eat ice quickly.

Love the lighter green color, the brown pistils make the good contrast of the overall appearance.. I think this strain will be good for me because of my chronic pains and besides I love the citrus part of it.

had that strain going around here also, or just called 'shark' and featured in my latest post. it smells real fruity like ...

The buds look really amaying and sound even better. From a citrus smell to an energetic buzz that keeps you moving forward. It all sounds so good and appealing. I have always been fascinated by sharks so this strain is extra cool.

Baby shark! Tu tu ru ru ru tu ru

Perma-smirk .......like it dude....: )

That looks like it's gonna be tasty! I love sativa so this would be right up my alley.

Definitely flame. I love the fuzzy buds. Another great post!

Great and awesome post