WEST COAST DAWG (70/30) Indica-dominant - Cushioned Mind and Body with Perma-Grin - OCB Organic Hemp Slim Paper

5 months ago


The West Coast Dawg buds provide a cushioned mind and body - with solid underlying energy. I'd enjoy these buds day or night.

WEST COAST DAWG Indica-dominant

The 70/30 Indica-dominant WEST COAST DAWG is from the breeding of the Chemdawg and USA Humboldt strains. Chemdawg descendants like Alien Dawg are well know for their spicy diesel fuel taste. West Coast Dawg has an average of 22% THC,


West Coast Dawg Looks

Dark and light green buds, bright burnt orange pistols - crispy coating of trichomes that thicken to an icing between the buds and leaves. Decent trim job, I'll give these buds a 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale.


West Coast Dawg Scent

Fruity, lemon-citrus, pine, Sour, and Dank Scent from these buds - strong and sweet.

West Coast Dawg marijuana induces moderate cerebral euphoria. Uplifts mood, relieves stress and depression. Followed by deep body-mind relaxation and sleep. Helps with pain and insomnia, stimulates appetite. May prompt arousal.
Source: CannaSOS.com - West Coast Dawg Cannabis Strain Information


OCB Organic Hemp Slim Kingsize Papers

I like most hemp wraps and rolling papers, these OCB Organic Hemp Slim kingsize papers didn't disappoint. They're very similar to the Smoking Eco Hemp rolling paper. I'm guessing the same 13g per m² weight, the 108mm x 43 mm size is also the same. You can see the OCB Organic Hemp paper on the left is slightly darker, the *pinstripe watermarks are thinner.


The unbleached organic hemp papers have OCB Logo, lengthwise pinstripes, and Tower Logo watermarks.

  • Unbleached organic hemp rolling paper
  • 100% natural arabic gum
  • Recycled packaging, printed using eco-friendly vegetable inks
Source: OCB Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim - bcsmokeshop.ca


"Made In France", "www.ocb.net", 32 Papers per Pack


West Coast Dawg Buds for Spliff


Buds Sliced, Ready for Rolling


Spliff Rolled, Sparked


West Coast Dawg Flavor

First Toke... Lemon-lime citrus on exhale, sour and terpene spice on the tail end, mouth and lips are tingling, cheeks numbing. 2nd Toke... Baked goods taste, more sweet and sour spicy terpenes - tingling and drying the mouth a little, taking a sip of water. Upper forehead numbing, brow and temples too.


Five Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Lemon-lime with that toke, spice on the tail end. Mind is feeling relaxed and lightly cushioned. Energy building in the solar plexus, lightly bubbling - getting some happy feels. Perma grin is forming, upper cheeks are lightly tightening. Lemon-lime and slightly fruity fruit aftertaste - so nice. Eyelids are relaxing and a little puffy. 4th Toke, 5 Mins Later... 5th, 6th, 7th Tokes...


West Coast Dawg Effects

15 Minutes After First Toke... Breathing and heart rate have increased a little, but I just took a few major hauls. Brow is feeling slightly heavy, eyelids more relaxed. The top and down the back of the head is relaxed, front of the brain is cushioned.



20 Minutes After First Toke...

Body is feeling energetic, a cushioned energy is building in the chest, bubbling up from the solar plexus. Perma-grin is coming back stronger - going to stand up and walk around, grab a drink.


30 Minutes After First Toke...

Energy still gathering and lightly bubbling up from the solar plexus, the energy in the chest has relaxed. Mind is relaxed, everything is cushioned - pleasant happy feels. A sly smirk, the upper cheeks are still lightly tightened - putting on some music, it's making me grin more. 10 Mins Later... Relaxed with balanced energy, good feels.


1 Hour After First Toke...

Feeling very relaxed and balanced - drowsy around the eyes, just under the eyes feels puffy. A calm serenity is washing over. The mind is laid back, not in a hurry. 15 Mins Later... Still relaxed and cushioned - good body energy.


1-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

Getting a second wind, a bubbling energy in the chest - feels good to get up and move around. Feel pleasantly and slightly abscent minded. These would be great effects for doing mindless work where the mind can wander, or for some solid escapism - enjoyable mind lul. 1/2 Hour Later... Solid body buzz with mind numbing - good energy. Getting hungry, a healthy appetite.


2-3/4 Hours After First Toke... Slowly coming out of the haze


These Organic Hemp papers are my favorite from OCB so far - the paper doesn't get as crispy when it burns, as with the flax or wood based papers. The West Coast Dawg strain provided a cushioned mind and body - with solid underlying energy. I'd enjoy these buds day or night.

Have a great day!

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Long time no hear. Glad to have you back 😊

Love the hairs on the last closeup. Crystals...🤤


Thick icing with the crystals :) Been on a movie watching binge the past couple days, watched 9 or more sorted new, old, obscure, and obscene movies - good times.

I love this one.


Thanks, i like to call that one the narrow throw lawn sprinkler motion :)

Such JUICY trichomes waiting to burst!

Those trichomes in the pics five minutes after first... and the one at 1.5 hours.

Great shots!


Thanks - my favorite with trichomes is when they cake up between trimmed leaves - thick icing :)

Brilliant review as usual, the gifs are great!


Thanks, much appreciation. I have fun with the gifs, been changing them up a little - I'll be getting more experimental soon to keep them fresh :)


Looking forwards to it 👍

Nice one


I'm a big fan of the chemdawg descendants :)

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Get your exotic vape THC cart and quality MJ strains now.
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