ULTRA SOUR Morning Smoke with IRIE - Extra Light Hemp Papers + Bonus "Sticker Inside!" the Pack

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Rolling an IRIE Extra Light Hemp Paper Morning Spliff with these tasty Ultra Sour 60/40 Indica-dominant buds - cheerful and balanced energy effects.

The dark and bright greens are coated and caked in some places with trichomes that give the buds yellowish tint. There are long burnt orange, and some yellowish pistols on these decently trimmed, a few leaves - medium fluff - Ultra Sour buds.

Sweet lemon-lime, pine, sour dark berry, earthy cannabis, and dank diesel - a refreshing and eye opening scent.


IRIE Extra Light 1-1/4 Hemp Papers

The last time I used these IRIE Extra Light Hemp Papers was with the White Widow buds - on the past full moon eclipse. The extra light 1-1/4 hemp papers rolled up easily, and burned clean. These papers are "Made in China with thin European Hemp Paper" for RollingSupreme.com - they make many well know brand papers including Juicy Jay, RAW, KingPin, Skunk Brand, IRIE, and many more.

This is the "Mamma Jamma" bonus pack with 64 papers - and the free "Sticker Inside!". I couldn't wait until I used all the papers, and then I realized it was tucked in behind the papers - niiice.

"Stuff Me - Roll Me - Smoke Me" - IRIE


STUFF ME Our papers are made from a 100% natural fine hemp blend ROLL ME Interleaved and creased for easy rolling SMOKE ME Our papers are extra light so they burn clean and smooth everytime
Source: IRIE - Our Papers - Extra Light Hemp Papers

I'd guess these Extra Light Hemp Papers are 13 grams per square meter - similar to the Deluxe Smoking papers. No watermarks, just fine hemp fibers.


Ultra Sour Buds Chopped Up, Spliff Rolled Up.


Ultra Sour IRIE Spliff Sparked.

Found a great spot for the Bonus Sticker - this smoke.io golf disc is now the smoke.io IRIE High Flyer.

Ultra Sour Morning smoke with IRIE

Sweet & sour fruit taste, a touch of spice at the tail end - sweet and sour like candy. The IRIE paper burned clean and slow as expected. 5 Mins Later... Feeling the mind energy excitement - enjoying this Ultra Sour jump start to the morning. 10 Mins Later... With the final long drags, the sour builds to more of a sweet diesel flavor - the mind still euphoric and energetic is feeling a numb cushion.

Complex effects with these Ultra Sour hybrid buds - they start off with Indica feels, but quickly enough a bubbly Sativa energy creeps in. These buds are decently balanced, ever so slightly leaning to the Sativa side.
Source: Ultra Sour Strain Review on smoke.io


That tasty spliff had my taste buds going, the energy boosting gave me a good appetite as well - ate lunch early. I've been learning with these energetic buds that when hungry or thirst manifests, sometimes it's best to obey - I find it keeps the effects smooth.


Be sure to check out the #triplecloseup #nugporn Contest - 500 SMOKE Token Prize Pool.

Have a great day!

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I must be living under a rock because I’ve never seen these papers before.


I got these at the Hot Box Cafe in Toronto, seems like they do big orders from rollingsupreme.com, i found a lot of the papers i got there ended up being from them - enjoy the extra light hemp papers, the ghetto blaster ones by rollingsupreme are this light hemp paper too - so clean.

Can't tell what's better, bud or papers.
Looks like no wind over there if it can stand that straight, J.


In the enclosed patio, nice and wind sheltered in there - the spliff tip helps a lot too, i'd need a real fatty spliff to achieve that without it :)

Papers look nice. Andva free sticker to boot!!! Win win. Lolololol.


Must be a consumer thing, but i get excited about product stickers - they're so shiny :)

Your lightweight hemp paper is a must try. I 've tried a lighter one and I end up using a hair puller at the end of the joint because it was wet.


These papers are very similar to the Ghetto Blaster printed light weight hemp papers - very thin. Yeah it can be brutal with extra fine papers if more than just the gum gets wet :)

wohhoo tasty, tasty nugs. Your posts are like orgasms, real talk:)


Thanks, I'm having a lot of fun doing the reviews and testing the nugs :)

  ·  last year

Nice to watch the gif of your irie spliff burning .i can imagine having one with my morning coffee.


Yeah I really like the GIFs 👍

The buds look amazing. If I'm not mistake. US is a child of Sour Diseal and onelre, right? I did get the chance to try sour Diseal once. It was like the name says very sour in the mouth with a strange aftertaste.


Diesel aftertaste :) "The Ultra Sour Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain was developed from the breeding of the MK Ultra and East Coast Sour Diesel strains. These tasty Ultra Sour buds have 18% THC. They were grown by Seven Oaks, purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store web site." - Ultra Sour review


Cool. I like sour taste. Hey also I won't be able to participate in your macroshotncontest because my photos are really bad of closeups and my roommates family is staying with us for a week so I have to hide the weed.

The bud looks a little compressed? Looks good otherwise 👌


Might just be smaller buds - they do look like they flattened, but that might be just how they grew, or maybe multiple packs of the zip lock silver pouch they came in may have been stacked together and squished them a little, but i wouldnt call them compressed like smuggled weed. They easily crumbled in my fingers with no hard compressed spots.

This is ''badass'' stain, l would like to try it



This one's real tasty like sweet and sour candy - was an excellent after breakfast treat :)