TRUE GANGSTER KUSH (90/10) Indica-dominant - "Dave's Not Here Man" - CHEECH & CHONG Hemp Rolling Papers

5 months ago


The True Gangster Kush buds gave solid body relaxation and head cushion, with a laid back euphoric and creative energy. Heavier on the Indica side, if I had a busy day planned I'd reserve this strain for the evening.

TRUE GANGSTER KUSH Indica-dominant

The True Gangster Kush (90/10) Indica-dominant strain was created by breeding the OG Kush strain with the result of crossing the Pine Tar Kush and Chitrali #1 Purple strains. The well know OG Kush strain is believed to be from the breeding of Chemdawg with the result of crossing the Lemon Thai and Pakistan Hindu Kush strains(Source). I'm guessing this True Gangster Kush is 20% THC.


True Gangster Kush Look

The pointy bud leaves and stretched out burnt orange pistols give these buds a spiky look. The dark greens are coated with a sparkle of trichomes that thickens in many places - resinous. Not too compact, decently trimmed around the pistols, I'll give these buds a 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale.


True Gangster Kush Scent

These True Gangster Kush buds have a lemon-citrus, pine, slight mango, and dank scent to them - with a nose tingling that is diesel fuel reminiscent.


True Gangster Kush cannabis strain's high is potent but still harnesses deep medicinal power, manifesting fast euphoria in the mind and body. This is manageable but can be made more devastating depending on intake.
Source: True Gangster Kush Cannabis Strain Information -

CHEECH & CHONG Hemp Rolling Papers

Purchased this variety set of four Cheech & Chong hemp 1-1/4 length rolling paper packs from amazon prime for $13.45 Canadian, free shipping. Cheaper than I would pay at a smoke shop, a decent enough deal at $3.36 per pack - 50 papers per pack, quality ultra thin hemp paper, and they're Cheech & Chong themed of course. Licensed by and manufactured for BlackBall Corp.. They sell other rolling papers, like Kush, Ziggy Marley, C-Thru Wraps, RIPS Flavored Papers - and more.


Cheech & Chong Movies - Classic Comedy Duo

When I was young, before 10 years old, pretty much the only movies in the house - on betamax - Benny Hill, Monte Python, and Cheech & Chong. I remember seeing their comedy record in the store - like the 12" vinyl record - It came with a rolling paper that folded out to twice the size of the record case lol. Would be fun to watch one of their movies during a smoke session - the Nice Dreams, Next Movie, and Up In Smoke movies come to mind.


Cheech & Chong "Dave's Not Here Man" Hemp Papers

These Cheech & Chong themed "Dave's Not Here Man" 1-1/4 Hemp rolling papers seemed like a good match up for the True Gangster Kush buds - these ultra-thin hemp rolling papers provided a clean taste of them. Very light, I'm guessing 13g/m². The "Dave's Not Here Man" line is from a comedy bit on their debut self-titled album.

These hemp papers are "Made in the European Community" and "Assembled in the Dominican Republic" - "Natural Gum".
Very sheer papers, hemp fibers, no watermarks. A Thick Stack of 50 Papers per Pack.

True Gangster Kush Buds Sliced, Ready for Rolling


True Gangster Kush Rolled


Cheech & Chong Hemp Paper Spliff Sparked


True Gangster Kush Flavor

First Toke... Dry citrus Sour flavor, sweet mango - terpenes numbing the mouth, the mind is excited. Second Toke.. More sweet mango flavor, pine too, the sweet and sour flavor is still there, nice taste. Cheeks and forehead numbing, getting some happy feels.


5 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Sweet mango, lemon, sour, a little spice from the terpenes - like a dark tropical flavor. The mind and eyelids are relaxing, a light energy building in the chest. Upper forehead and the top of the head are numb, brow too.


True Gangster Kush Feels

10 Minutes After First Toke, Fourth Toke... Mind excited - energetic and relaxed. Front part of the brain is slightly numbed to the point of if feeling light. The forehead feels that same relaxed lightness. 5 Mins Later... Mind is still excited, feeling energetic in the chest.


20 Minutes After First Toke...

Feels good to get up and move around, drinking some water. 5 Mins Later... Energetic with a focus but slightly cushioned mind. Energy bubbling up from the solar plexus, happy feels, getting a permagrin. Upper cheeks tightening slightly.


1 Hour After First Toke...

Happy feels, good energy. Focused mind, relaxed body. Cushioned energy in the chest.
1 Hour and 40 Mins After First Toke... Solid buzz, front part of the brain is cushioned, good mind focus and energy throughout the effects.


2 Hours After First Toke...

Decent head and body cushion, energy in the chest and solar plexus. Mind is clearing slightly - light bubbly euphoric feels still, perma-grin. 20 Mins Later... Effects diminished more, still lightly energetic with a gentle numbness - lunch time.


3-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

The effects have pretty well diminished, still some residuals - can still feel a slight numbness in the face. The Cheech & Chong Hemp rolling papers burned slow and clean, the True Gangster Kush buds gave solid body relaxation and head cushion - with laid back euphoric creative energy. Excellent day buzz for lounging around, if I had a busy day planned I'd reserve these buds for the evening.

Have a great day!

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Loooove the Cheech and Chong vibe!
And who wouldn't want to try GANSTA KUSH!
Man, what a life you live!
What a time to be alive!
What a stoned motherfucker I am!
First toke in two days fried me lol :P


The first smoke after a break is so nice, almost disorienting. Enjoy the Cheech & Chong movies, going to have to track some of them down soon. I kept wanting to call this strain true gangster OG for the longest time lol, but it's Kush :) Solid buzz.

Those are cool papers man. You ever seen the one that use to come with the vinyl.

Another quality review ,thanks.


Thanks, your welcome, i enjoy the vast variety of strains and effects :)

Just the name makes me want to try this strain.

Dang! You smoke some fine buds and get some dandy accessories and papers to go with ... another classic from you, great content that sets a very high standard example around here

Nice Cheech and Chong papers to go with the buds. Loved the movies and always made sure to have something at hand to smoke when watching.

I like the name Gangster Kush, sounds like it´s wild but powerful , lololol! The price of the Cheech & Chong Hemp Paper is slightly higher in Canada than in Spain or Vienna. Raw papers of the same size had been around 2 Euros a pack /3 Can$ .. Well, it´s Amazon prime price, it´s still cheaper ´cause it´s free shipment and you don´t have to go to a dispensary.

Well laid out smoke! Love those orange hairs, mmm!

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A real "g" is a dead g.
Nothing cool to me about gangsters. Been around them my whole life and never liked them.