The Evening of EL NINO 65/35 Indica Leaning - Marley Bowl Tokes - Balanced Mind and Body Relaxation

11 months ago


Hey smokers :) Packed up the Marley glass bowl with some El Nino buds. Smooth and well balanced effects - excellent body and mind relaxation, light euphoria, creative and social energy. I'd smoke these kind buds in the afternoon or evening.

EL NINO Indica lean hybrid

The El Nino 65/35 Indica hybrid strain was created with the crossing the White Widow, Haze, and Super Skunk strains (Source). These El Nino buds have 18% THC, and an impressive 1% CBD - decent amount of Myrcene, and other terpenes.


El Nino Looks

Colorful pale buds with dark and light greens, a dab of purple, pale orange and golden pistils, a generous coating of trichomes. These resinous buds get a 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale.


El Nino Scent

The El Nino buds have a sweet citrus and lightly pungent scent - darker sweet tones. Sweet baked goods blueberry muffins scent - some vanilla scents in there too. Interesting flavors.


The strain does not lack in potency and offers an amazing mix of taste and aroma that will keep you coming back for seconds after taking a hit. After smoking the strain, you will begin feeling euphoric. You will feel happy but extremely focused and clear minded at the same time. It offers a one of a kind body high and will numb your body in no time. This numbness can last anywhere in between two to three hours and is perfect for individuals in pain. - it is perfect for treating insomnia, anxiety, stress and even depression.
Source: El Nino Marijuana Strain Review -

Marley Bowl

Bob Marley glass bowl for the El Nino evening smoke session. The last few times i used the Marley Bowl was with the Purple Urkle, Purple Punch, and the Blue Hawaiian Skunk strains. Deep two session bowl, smooth and easy tokes.

El Nino buds sliced


Marley Bowl Packed


Marley Bowl Blazed


El Nino Flavor

First Toke... Sweet, light lemon-lime, baked goods taste, slightly diesel - spicy terpenes, mouth tingling. Second Toke... More sweet lemon-lime baked goods diesel flavor, maybe a touch of carrot juice sweetness - mouth and lips are tingling from the terpenes, spicy. Cheeks, brow, top of the head numbing. Mind relaxing lightly, front of the brain tingling lightly, numbing - a touch of euphoria, energy bubbling up from the solar plexus.


El Nino Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Third Toke... More tasty lemon-lime baked goods diesel spicy flavor - blueberry, and that carrot juice candy-like sweetness reminds me mango. Eye lids relaxing and puffy. Upper cheeks tightening lightly from perma-smirk. Mind and body relaxing, cushioned energy building in the chest.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Fourth Toke... Sweet red wine like aftertaste with the terpene fumes, very nice. Cushioned energy in the chest is extending to the shoulders, bubbling up from the solar plexus, nice buzz - smooth, mind is lightly excited.


15 Minutes After First Toke... Lightly bubbling euphoria, body and mind relaxed.


30 Minutes After First Toke... Smooth and relaxed effects - mind has decent focus, creative energy, relaxed. Fifth Toke...


Smooth and well balanced effects - excellent body and mind relaxation, light euphoria, creative and social energy with these El Nino buds. Tasty lemon-lime baked goods flavor with diesel spice in the Marley bowl - tasty. I'd smoke these buds in the afternoon or evening.

Have a great day!

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Looks delicious


So tasty - not overly terpene sweet either - like a blueberry flavor, with a little spice :)

Very unique bowl ..And i hoped that creativity of fifth toke helped you post this wonderful post as always :)


That Marley bowl kept calling to me for another toke :)


Is it :D