Tasty ULTRA SOUR (60/40) Indica-dominant Hybrid - Balanced Energetic Effects with Euphoria

6 months ago


Tasty Sweet & Sour energetic and euphoric Sativa effects - along with an Indica cushioning relaxation.

ULTRA SOUR Sativa-dominant Hybrid

The Ultra Sour Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain was developed from the breeding of the MK Ultra and East Coast Sour Diesel strains. These tasty Ultra Sour buds have 18% THC. They were grown by Seven Oaks, purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store web site.


The Ultra Sour buds have a yellowish tint to them from the crystals. Dark and light greens, long fire-orange spindly pistols - and a few yellow ones. These buds get a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.

Lots of sweet vapors with these Ultra Sour buds - sweet lemon-lime citrus, pine, sour dark berry, diesel, and grassy weed scent.


a sativa-dominant bud with uplifting stimulation and heady euphoria. Ultra Sour smells of pine and diesel, and its buds are deep green with rusty orange pistils. The potent mental effects can be a little daunting for inexperienced consumers, so mind your dosage. Enjoy Ultra Sour as a means to shrug off stress and enhance creativity.
Source: Leafly - Ultra Sour Cannabis Strain Information


Metal Pipe Freshen Up

Before trying the Ultra Sour buds, I had to give the standard metal smoke pipe a quick freshen up. The one-hitter pipe wire, and the scraping blade with scoop will help with the pipe cleaning. The pipe will also be getting a new screen - I want a clear taste of these buds.


You can see the dirty pipe, tool and extra parts box below. That blue plastic scraper is handy for grinders to avoid the scratching potential from metal on metal contact. The edge of the tool box lid is handy for scraping the resin - I'll save that for a blunt wrap.


With a new screen added after cleaning, the pipe was ready for smoking.

Ultra Sour Buds - Ready to Grind.


Ultra Sour Buds Ground Up, Bowl Packed.


Ultra Sour Taste

First Toke... sweet lemon-lime and almost a sour-minty dank - a light grassy, herbal kinda taste in there, very sweet. Almost a sweet baked goods taste, like a glazed donut. The terpenes are already numbing my lips and my throat with the finishing exhale of the first toke. The forehead and front part of the brain is already starting to relax. Cheeks numbing.


Ultra Sour Effects

5 Minutes after First Toke - Second Toke... A little dry with the toke, but that sweet sour flavor is front and center. Nose hairs burn a little on this exhale. Eyes and front of face is feeling relaxed and alert - not heavy. The whole head is relaxing, body starting to relax too. Mouth getting a little dry, drinking some water. 5 Mins Later - Third Toke... Eyelids are getting a little heavy now. Feeling a little cushion at the front of the head, around the eyes - mind relaxing.


15 Minutes after First Toke...

Getting some bubbly and happy feelings in the solar plexus. A small grin is entertaining the idea of forming. Forehead feels light and alert. A small perma-smirk is forming. The energy is rising from the solar plexus to the chest. May as well take a Fourth Toke.


20 Minutes after First Toke...

Getting some lol laughter - all by myself too, memory triggered. 5 Mins Later... Happy and relaxed, good energy, nicely buzzing. Solid head and body cushion. 45 Mins after First Toke... More giddy bubbly feels in the solar plexus. 1 Hour after First Toke... Relaxed and cushy chest and head effects solid.


2 Hours after First Toke...

The mind is starting to clear, but there's still a decent body and face buzz. The eyebrows feel numb, but the eye lids aren't heavy. Getting hungry, but it is almost lunch time. 2 Hours and 40 Mins after First Toke... Done eating lunch, still a little mind cushion, but getting clearer. Face is still slightly numb and relaxed. Stretching like in the morning - as the energy comes back. Fixing an energy drink


3-1/2 Hours after First Toke...

The last of the buzz is still lingering nicely - smooth enough come down. Complex effects with these Ultra Sour hybrid buds - they start off with Indica feels, but quickly enough a bubbly Sativa energy creeps in. These buds are decently balanced, ever so slightly leaning to the Sativa side. I'd enjoy these buds most in the afternoon or early evening.

Have a great day!

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Sour strains like this usually mess with my sinuses a lot. Reading about the way it makes your nose tingle reminded me of that


I'll have to watch for that - like a runny nose or a sinus infection ? I find i'll have to drink more water with some strains. Might be certain elevated terpenes that do that. The metal bowl was ice cold, i might have taken too big a hit and got a terpene overload :)

Damn! Look at those hairs! I had something similar one and ended up saving a whole jar of just red hair lol.


Smoking a bowl or joint of just pistols - that i'll have to try :)

Wow... incredible. Fantastic photography and review. Now I need to try some. Going to share on Twitter.


Thanks, share away :)

An excellent and detailed review as always. You truly know how to express and bring the reviews to the people in form that people can feel the buzz with you and know trough the high what to expect.


Thanks - such a unique buzz that each of these strains give, it keeps it interesting taking notes on the effects. If i didnt write them down, they would get lost in the buzz :) It's helped a lot with realizing the right strain for the ocassion - and some favorites too :)



Have to lol - it's a great stress releiver.
Truth be told I lol all by myself sometimes even when sober :)



You keep killing it with those reviews, mate!

Those nugporn macros are gorgeous. Lovely background colors, great work with focus and light each time too. Even love how the pipe and grinder fit in the color scheme. Bet that ain’t an accident either. 🦇


Thanks - I do try to frame up the pics, and help tell the story with them. Silver and the smoke.io logo do seem to fit nicely into most color schemes :)

Sounds like a nice one for the party atmosphere. With buddies for some laughs and funtime.


This would be great with the buds - now that you mention it, it reminds me of the Lemon Skunk as far as the indica buzz hitting first the soon enough the sativa side kicking in - that was a happy chillin with the bud buzz too :)

My goodness! Those trichomes and pistils are looking so amazing! It only shows the kind of potency it renders into your smoke.


When they're trichome covered so much that the trichomes start to have a yellowish tint, then i know i'm in for a treat :)

Support the outlaws who fought for the legalization. Not Corporations.


True.. Tourists may be interested in what the 'legal' strains are like if they are playing it safe while visiting.

I recommend to you to buy another pipe!!


Thanks, what kind of pipe do you recommend ?