TAHOE OG (60/40) Indica-dominant Hybrid - Enjoyed this Balanced Strain with Smoking Eco Pure Hemp Papers

last year


Creative and social energy, relaxed and cushioned - with slightly slap happy euphoric feels. This is the type of strain that I could smoke on a regular basis - day or night.

TAHOE OG Indica-dominant Hybrid Strain

The Tahoe OG 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid strain is an OG Kush Phenotype that was created in Lake Tahoe, California. OG Kush is believed by some to be from the breeding of Chemdawg and a regional Hindu Kush strain, but some believe it's genetics came from a random bag seed - Source. THC is usually 20-25% with Tahoe OG.


Tahoe OG Looks

I've come to appreciate fuzzy buds, they rarely let me down - Tahoe OG's no exception. The dark green buds and leaves with some purple highlights are lightened in many places - by the all covering trichomes, piled up in many locations. Many small mats of burnt and light orange pistols. They left a few too many leaves on the bottom of the buds with the trim job, but these fuzzy buds get a 3 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Sweet and crisp lemon citrus, mango, and pine scents - sweet and refreshing.
Tahoe OG Hybrid Cannabis Flower is the perfect rainy day strain. Strong and fast-acting, you may not want to use this strain when you’re planning to leave the house. Great for those suffering from insomnia, pain, or lack of appetite, Tahoe OG Hybrid Cannabis Flower has made a name for itself among other indicas cannabis strains. A top nighttime strain, it provides an extremely lazy, heavy body sensation. Due to superb breeding, Tahoe OG embodies all of the typical indica effects with an added euphoric, sativa-like kick. This strain features an earthy, lemon taste, and is a phenotype of OG Kush. Tahoe OG Hybrid Cannabis Flower is a must-try for those looking for a great night’s sleep.
Source: Tahoe OG Cannabis Flower

Smoking Eco Hemp Papers

Went with the King Size Smoking Eco Pure Hemp papers for the Tahoe OG spliff roll up. I'm guessing these hemp fine papers are 14g per square meter - the horizontal pinstripes seem to help with grip when rolling.


"Finest Quality Since 1879", these Smoking Eco papers were made in "Barcelona, Spain".

108 mm BY 44 mm of thin premium rolling paper in the King size with 33 leaves per book. Smoking® uses Arabic gum in all its paper. This gum comes exclusively from Senegalensis Acacia, also called acacia gum. Smoking Eco Hemp King size Rolling Papers are made from Pure Hemp insuring a slow and long burn with no added chemicals.
Source: Smoking Eco Hemp - King Size - OutonTrip.com

The papers have the Pure Hemp and lengthwise Pinstripe watermarks - 33 papers per pack, "Natural Gum".


Tahoe OG buds for the Spliff


Spliff Rolled Up.


Sparked Up.


Tahoe OG Taste

First Toke... Bright and sweet citrus mango, slightly pungent - terpene taste, not much dry. 2 More Tokes, 5 Mins Later... Mouth inside is starting to pucker, a dry tingle, drinking some water. The center of the brow, and cheeks numbing. Front top of the head and the upper forehead numbing lightly. 10 Mins Later, One More Toke... Heart rate increasing slightly, mind is exciting, happy feels surfacing. Feeling some energy in the solar plexus gathering.


Tahoe OG Feels

15 Minutes after First Toke, 2 More Tokes... Terpenes are building up with that exhale, the sweet is turning more pungent with a spice on the tail end. Another drink of water. Eye lids slightly relaxing, happy feels lightly bubbling up from the solar plexus, a little perma-grin is starting to form. The forehead is feeling light and energetic, the Tahoe OG is feeling like a social smoke. 5 Mins Later... A slight energy is building in the chest, feeling some cushion there. Mind is feeling euphoric, lightly slap happy, energetic. The upper cheeks are lightly tightened from the smiles.


25 Minutes after First Toke...

Definite perma-grin, eyelids relaxed - they feel puffy, the brow too. The middle, and just above the brow is warming. Less cushion, a tighter energy is in the chest - going to get up and walk around. Yeah this one has some energy - close to feeling like a live wire. 5 Mins Later... Onward and forward mind energy, feeling grandiose. An ever so slight adrenaline feel is coming on in the mind and body. Mostly feel the excitement in the mind and the chest - heart rate has increased, going to go clean the cabin or something - on the verge of hyper, but much gentler than the Green Crack. This Tahoe OG has the terpene sweet drip with it, the Green Crack had more of a dry intensity.


1 Hour after First Toke...

Solar plexus is warming - bubbly energy, the close to hyper rush has smoothed out. 10 Mins Later... Energy bubbles and perma-grin has smoothed out, happy go lucky balanced energy effects remain - feeling that fresh and relaxed, just woke up after a good sleep energy. 5 Mins Later... Energetic and up beat buzz still, the eye lid puffiness has relaxed. The mind is feeling a little sharper, but there's still some blissful cushion. Getting some munchies, just in time for lunch.


2 Hours After First Toke...

Getting some happy bubbly energy from the solar plexus. Lunch is on the stove, getting stoked about it.


3 Hours after First Toke...

Already ate lunch, relaxed and feel good. The effects are pretty well diminished, in the after-glow phase. The effects had a good bell curve - smooth lifting and smooth landing, enjoyed the Tahoe OG. I'd smoke this strain day or night.


Have a great day!

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"This is the type of strain that I could smoke on a regular basis - day or night." This is one thing I love about OG's, they are such great strains to be an all day all night strain. It just so happens their terp profiles are perfect for my medical conditions, so it works wonderfully for me.


This strain does hit that sweet spot. I noticed with this strain that my lungs were operating supremely - in contrast i had a heavy indica the other night that seemed to tighten up my chest and restrict inhale a little. This strain seems to be a balanced blend of energy, relaxation, and mind cushion - i'll have to watch for that with future OGs :)

One of my absolute favorite strains! Nice review


Thanks - I could see it being one of my favorites too :)

Another day, another great review. Tahoe seems like a strain I had needed a while back. I mostly had Amnesia Haze. It being a well balanced type had me down relaxed but unable to fall asleep. My roommate not so much. He fell asleep like a log. I couldn't for the most part for atleast and hour or hour and half. Now it's balanced out. But I still did lower the rate of smoking before bed. For me AZ seems more like the day time chill and relaxation session.


That Amnesia Haze i've heard about recently, sounds like an exceptional strain. I'm like your roommate, rarely have trouble sleeping - if i do then it's usually because i'm over hungry and have some adrenaline flowing, usually a snack will fix that for me.


Wish I had what you two have. Amnesia is a good strain but over smoking the strain tends to get heavy on the mind. Makes you forget stuff a lot. Isn't called Amnesia without reason. I once smoked a mix of Amnesia and Anesthesia in one joint. I was at a party and was high up in the air over the others sitting like a bird in a Slavic squatting position for over 2 hours.

That looks nice and frosty, those closeups look almost pure white. Great shots


Thanks, i'm continuously amazed by the strains after going in for a closer look at them.

Tahoe og is another one of those awesome strains you can never go wrong with. I've always like it but didn't know it was an most a balanced hybrid.


Depending on the grower, the Tahoe OG strain can lean sativa or indica... this one I felt was pretty balanced - didn't make me tired or wore out at all in the daytime like some indicas can, nice energy too, but not too much, pretty balanced i felt - with a slight lean to then indica side because of the slight head cushion. One site did have their tahoe og set at 90/10 indica-dominant, but the ones i got felt much more balanced.

Look at all that white. It looks like it was completely dusted in crystals.


You know you're in for a treat when they're caked with crystals like that :)

I honestly have to say, your reviews may be the best in the business


Thanks @canna-curate - i appreciate that. I like to give my full smoke experience with the reviews - and like to get up close and personal with the buds. There's so much variety and predictable effects - these bud strains amaze me.

You roll a fine joint there friend


Thanks - i'll admit i got an assist with this one from the RAW King Size Cigarette Rolling Machine one this one. I can roll nice king size joints free-hand, but the machine rolls them out looking like pencils :)

seeing OG kush right now makes me one hit one

One should be careful when smoking this tho' like extra careful..

Smoke up man And you also have a
great day ahead

Your reviews are really top notch now! The gif's of the spliff burning are a nice touch, keep it up man!

I love this strain!! And the Tahoe Lemondae