SUPER SONIC (75/25) Sativa-dominant hybrid Strain - Extra Thin Classics GREENGO Paper Roll Up

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Friendly and Euphoric Energy with Minimal Turbulence. A smooth takeoff and landing with longevity. The Super Sonic feel is very similar to RockStar, but smoother.

SUPER SONIC Sativa-dominant hybrid

Not much is known about the Super Sonic (75/25) Sativa-dominant hybrid strain genetics. The grower symbl describes Super Sonic as a Quantum-Kush like strain. Purchased from the web site, they have 14% THC - high in Myrcene, Limonene, Humulene, and Nerolidol terpenes.


Super Sonic Looks

The buds have light and dark greens with a few purple highlights. Spindly burn orange pistols, and a generous helping of trichomes - they darken where they're the thickest, giving them that almost fuzzy look. A few fat leaves on the backside of the bud, but overall not too shabby with the trim job - 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale.


The Super Sonic buds have a light, dried grass scent - with sweet citrus undertones.


Unlike most Kush breeds (which are indicas), this Quantum Kush–like strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid and has a strong THC potency. Super Sonic has a tropical taste and a complex and strong earthy yet sweet aroma.
Source: - Super Sonic

"The Natural" Greengo Extra Thin Classics

For the Super Sonic roll up, I reached for the pack of Greengo Extra Thin Classics - unbleached single wide papers. The last time I used these papers was for a #RoachSunday Fatty, and a Sour Diesel roll up. A little slippery, but the slick single wide paper rolls up easily and burns clean.

The thin light brown, unbleached papers have a nice look to them. Like the Gizeh papers, these Greengo Extra Thin papers are only 1 gram per square meter heavier than the Deluxe Smoking papers.
Greengo Extra Thin Classics ... Greengo rolling papers are made from FSC certified, unbleached paper pulp and have the ideal thickness of 14 gr/m2. Greengo products are ecological, environmentally friendly products. Greengo paper consists of 100% TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), real unbleached paper. Many other brands claim to use this, but Greengo sincerely does. Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke!
Source: Greengo Extra Thin Classics


50 Papers per Pack - "Made in the EU" - the packaging is "made of 100% recycled paper".

With the buds Sliced Up, the Super Sonic Greengo's ready for the Roll Up.

Greengo Rolled Up, Super Sonic Spark Up.


Super Sonic Taste

First 2 Spliff Tokes... Dry, sweet, citrus grapefruit, diesel fuel taste - cheeks and lips numbing soon after the first drag. Eyebrows numbing, and the top of the forehead. Tongue getting dry from the tart, drinking some water. grapefruit and lightly peppery aftertaste.


Super Sonic Effects

5 Minutes after First Toke... Breathing and heart rate increasing slightly, throat slightly numb, the chest is swelling with an energy flow. 2 More Tokes, 10 Mins Later... Nose and throat are getting numb like menthol vapor rub numb, like the numb drips before an mdma roll. Brain is feeling comfortably numb, mind is clear with no jitters. heart rate is still accelerated, breathing rate has slowed to normal. cheeks, gums, lips, throat, tongue, and nose is numb and lightly tingling. arms are buzzing a little with the chest, euphoric body energy. Drinking more water, 2 Final Tokes.


25 Minutes after First Toke...

Mind relaxing a little, happy feels, almost a pleased smile. Cozy and energetic body buzz, eyelids are relaxing a little. Feels like a friendly slap happy potential effects. Plenty of body energy with these buds, abdominal muscles are tightening a little, but not uncomfortably, but because of ample energy. Drinking more water. Slightly hyper feels but not jittery, i'm liking this.


30 Minutes after First Toke...

Went inside for a minute, happy and friendly buzz - ever so slight head in the clouds euphoria, solar plexus feeling bubbly. This is feeling like a good party strain like RockStar, different enough to keep it interesting. RockStar was more sweet and sour candy taste, this one is sweet and tart spicy. Both having the smooth euphoric mdma buzz type energy feels. 5 Mins Later... I'm liking this Super Sonic, it's feeling like a top 10 bud. Another sip of water, keeping this ride smooth. 10 Mins Later... Energetic buzz still, head feels relaxed and clear, not overly cushioned. Front of the face feels light and open for conversation.


1 Hour after First Toke...

Energy still buzzing nicely. Inside the cabin now, face feels a little flush. Solar plexus still lightly bubbly, happy feels. Sipping more water, can feel some munchies building. 2-1/2 Hours after First Toke... Ate dinner, still feeling a decent body buzz, happy feels, and energy - excellent effects and longevity with this strain. 3-1/2 Hours after First Toke... The last sputters of the effects - smooth landing. Enjoyed the effects, one of my new favorites, I'd smoke these Super Sonic buds day or night.

Have a great day!

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Looks beautiful and I bet it made for a tasty doobie.

Yes. Great review my frend as always. This is a great one. I love the euphoric feeling it give you and the citrus smell is also a big plus. The buds also look amazing. I have a question for you. That fluff scale you have. Have you ever encountered a strain or bud that had a 5 on the fluff scale? I love fluffy strains. They are a pain in the ass yo cut up but great between the fingers.


Thanks - I recall the God's Green Crack, Alien Dawg, Trainwreck, Sour Diesel, and LSD strains being the fluffiest. They all seem to have ample pistols, maybe the trimmed bud leaf structure gives them more air space. The higher resin strains seem to be more compact and heavier for the volume. Home grown tends to be the fluffiest :)

You got a different kind of paper for like every kind of bud lol, cracks me up


Sometimes a bowl or a bong too lol - just wait till i make it to the post office for the variety package :)

That bud does look super sonic! I like a good high energy buzz


Clean energy with these ones :) I can't remember if you reviews these or someone else, but i just got these Purple Space Cookies - so good, i'll be posting about them soon.

Either you have loads of smoking paper or you buy new ones with every bud.


These ones i have reviewed twice before, but i did buy a variety of 12 packs when i was in Toronto. I do have another 28 varieties of papers waiting for me at the post office, i'll be going to town soon :) A lot of them are flavored, i want to do some strain and paper flavor pairing - the Ultra Sour strain had me wishing i had some whiskey or cognac flavored papers :)


28... seriously? Better safe than sorry I guess.


Wife surprised me and went to the post office today - 27 papers, it's more about the variety than the need for papers. With bowls, blunts, and bongs thrown in there i might use 2 papers per day at the most.


That is one hell of a wife.

Wow, amazing strain review!!! You ought to get a new profession making money from cannabis producers. I think it is a good job plus to think you are getting plenty of various strains to review and for free. You could be a good canna ambassador and a hands-on reviewer.


Oh and btw, this strain reminds me of clusters of rose flowers, pretty good looking and from the appearance of it, the buds seemed to be hand-processed for they were not so densed instead more fluffy and soft. Am anxious of the papers you have gotten.


indeed he could be , like his posts 2

UAU !!!!!!!!!


Thanks :)

Great review as always! This flower looks so nice!