SOLAR POWER (60/40) Indica-dominant Blunt Rolled Up with Juicy MANGO PAPAYA Twist Hemp Wrap

3 months ago


Rolled up an after dinner blunt - Solar Power buds rolled up with a Juicy Mango Papaya Twist hemp wrap. The blunt burned slow and smooth - balanced solid cushion relaxation with social and creative energy, nice buzz.


The Solar Power strain is Symbl's take on Sour Kush - Sour Kush is a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. These Solar Power buds were purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store website. Grown by symbl, a lower 15% THC that I'll be enjoying in some fatty spliffs and blunts, and a notable amount of Beta-Pinene, Limonene, Nerolidol, and Linalool terpenes.


SOLAR POWER (60/40) Indica-dominant

AKA Sour Kush, this Symbl hybrid has a tightly packed bud structure with dense, vibrant green flowers covered with amber pistils and sprinkled with frosty trichomes. Terrifically tart and superbly pungent, Sour Kush is known for its powerful flavour profile combining sour, crisp lemon and invigorating pine. The robust, tangy citrus taste is balanced with hints of earthy wood and sharp diesel.
Source: Solar Power Strain by Symbl -


Juicy Mango Papaya Twist Hemp Wrap

The last time I posted about these Juicy Hemp Wraps was rolling up the Tropical Passion flavor wraps with the Blueberry Domina buds. Juicy hemp wraps are thick, easy to roll with, have tasty flavors, and burn smooth and slow. These Mango Papaya Twist flavored hemp wraps have a sweet mango, papaya, and coconut scent.


Juicy Wraps are moist & delicious. Unlike cheap dry wraps, Juicy Wraps are made with our famous triple-dip® flavor system and sealed extra tight for guaranteed freshness
Source: Cigars & Wraps -

Solar Power Buds Sliced Up, Roll Ready


Mango Papaya Blunt Twisted, Sparked


Solar Power Mango Papaya Blunt Flavor

First Blunt Toke... Those are some sweet and sour terpenes, lemon, the Juicy sweet Mango Papaya twist wrap. The terpenes are tingling the tongue. Second Toke... Took a smaller drag to get a good taste of it, can taste baked goods first, then the sweet and sour lemon-pine terpenes - the taste of sweet mango papaya is on the lips and the tip of the tongue - tasty. Starting to feel some mind relaxation - cheeks and face are numbing, the head is cushioned, bubbling in the solar plexus, getting some lightly giddy feels.


Solar Power Effects

Third and Fourth Blunt Tokes... Those were some big tokes, smoked some extra ones for the camera too - had to be done. Heart and breathing rate increased slightly, head numb and cushioned, mind and eye lids are relaxing, that's nice. 5 Mins Later... Breathing and heat rate have relaxed, the mind and body have relaxed too.


Medium head cushion with these Solar Power sweet and sour baked goods buds. Social and creative balanced energy, the body's relaxed and energetic. Can still taste the sweet mango papaya from the Juicy hemp wrap.


The wraps rolled up easily, burned smooth and slow. Couple Hours Later... Still feeling cushioned and energetic - solid pleasant effects, about to spark up the other half of the blunt.

Have a great day!

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I've only seen like one brand of hemp wraps. I'll have to keep an eye out for them and give em a try.


Yeah I'm surrounded by them up here ever since they banned tobacco wraps :( Hemp wraps are way better than the herbal wraps though, you just don't get that same fire in your chest like with tobacco wraps though... So I split cigars :)

...aka sour kush

You learn something new every day.

Sour kush is much better name even though solar power is on point. It looks like top notch.


Yeah this company tries to rebrand strains, it's annoying .. this one's part of a collection, like solar power, city lights (critical kush), etc - the sour kush name fits it so perfectly. I could see with the critical kush that elderly might be nervous about it haha, but c'mon :)


Nothing new in the capitalist world filled with products like coke, pepsi, dr peppers,cockta, cola...just example

Yay After Dinner Blunts!
I'm off to smoke some tasty
SMOKE onwards!

Those buds look amazing. All the different colors and shades. Lovely. I can smell the nice blunt till here.