Rolling Up the SOUR DIESEL (Sativa-Dominant) with the Greengos - Solid Daytime Energy, Skip the Coffee

2 years ago


These tasty nugs I received as a belated present from the holidays, along with the 150mg edible brownie. I've had these Sour Diesel buds for a few days, ready to crack into them. I've been enjoying the Sativa leaning strains for daytime - they don't tire me out like some of the Indica strains that I've had lately. I've also been in the mood for something with tasty terps and bright flavors, these buds smell nice.

SOUR DIESEL Strain (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid)

Sour Diesel is a 70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid strain. Believed to be the result of breeding Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. Super Skunk is a mostly Indica strain - from the breeding of Skunk and an Afghani strain. Chemdawg 91 brings the pungent gasoline smell and dominant Sativa traits.


Vibrant green leaves, and matted red and orange hairs. A coating of crystals to the point of looking flaky.


Sour Diesel Vapors

Sweet nose tingling terp mango, lemon, grapefruit, pine, and sweet dank ganja smells. Wife says the terp vapors remind her of eucalyptus or sour candies.

This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. Stress, pain, and depression fade away in long-lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients. - Sour Diesel


Greengo Extra Thin Classic Rolling Papers

Rolling up some of this Sour Diesel with Greengo Extra Thin Classic rolling papers. You can see in the second picture that you can decently see through them. These papers are also unbleached and chemical free - The Natural. They're made in the EU, the packing is made with 100% recycled paper. They seal up with 100% natural arabic gum. Nice enough thin rolling papers, they roll up swell like the rest of them, and they do not add any taste to the smoke.


The Sour Diesel buds are scissors sliced up, spliff tip rolled up.


Roll It Up, Spark It Up, Smoke It.

Sour Diesel Taste

I can taste a touch of sweet mango, lemon, and dank ganja. Pine too - when pine and lemon get together it comes off to me as mango. It's blending perfectly with the ganja flavor, melding it together as one sweet and pungent flavor - seems like the sour is helping bring it all together. A touch of spice in there too.


Sour Diesel Octane

First Toke - cheeks are going numb. Second Toke - the numbness is spreading to the upper cheeks, upper forehead, and front top of the head. The body is getting relaxed and forgettable. After Two More Tokes - getting an energy boost, but my eyelids are still a little more closed than usual. The head is feeling kushy, body is relaxed, energy levels are still slightly hyped up. Thirty Minutes after smoking, palms getting sweaty, feeling a little clammy, and the body is warming slightly - a small amount of adrenaline seems to be getting into the system.

One Hour after smoking, the slight adrenaline energy burst has leveled out. I'm liking the kushy solid energy. The mind is not lethargic or slowed down, but relaxed but energetic at the same time. Cheerful too - a satisfied and pleased kind of happy. Looking forward to finishing the rest of the Sour Diesel spliff after lunch.


Have a great day!

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Your weed is great. But I stayed for the lighter lol. Seriously, that lighter is sweet.


I'll admit it's fun to play with :) USB chargeable, lights a half pack of smokes/joints on a charge. I got it for $20 or so on amazon - many varieties.

Great review. This has been very educational. I enjoy mostly myself sativas more then an indica. I love th energy boosts. Pumps me up.


Thanks - i've been enjoying the energy boosts too. I didnt pay much attention to the strains until i started making note of the feels. Much more enjoyable not to fight the buzz, and to be able to pick just the right strain to get the appropriate buzz for the time of day :)

God that's some gorgeous looking Sour D... :O

Weed is clasic. But the papers look really thin and nice?

I think you don't feel them at all when you roll inside out.


Standard unbleached natural fiber papers. Thin enough to see through - roll up nicely, didnt tear on me, but papers rarely do. Didnt taste the paper, but i dont taste the thicker papers either. Just a cool looking pack of papers I picked up when I was in toronto. If i look at papers at an angle i can usualy see the sticky side.

Looks delicious.


Tasty buds :)

NYC diesel is my all time fav. Love any diesel though. Nive review

I have not had the chance to try this strain, yet I have had some of its hybrid offsprings in the past. I often prefer to mix in a little from any good relaxing indica along with my sativa, especially during daytime, when I need to go out and run errants, interact with colleagues or meet potential collaborators. Unless I do so, I get jittery, which can become unpleasant if I happen to be in a place where room for movement is restricted due to size or crowding. My favorite sativa strain for daytime these days is Bruce Banner #3, that I get through mail order from MyKusk.Ca, a Canadian based Marijuana dispenser that @offgrid suggested to me some time ago...

I don't know if Sour Diesel is easily available in Canada, as I haven't seen it on the site I use and the other ones I discovered so far, since weed went legal on October 17th 2018, either only sell in bulk or do not accept payments in crypto, like MyKush does. I definitely want to try it, seeing the mouth watering images you included with your fantastic post! This is literally raising the bar quite high, as far as content creation goes! You, Sir, are a source of inspiration!

Thanks for sharing, I will be looking forward to reading (and feasting my eyes upon) your next review!

Love is the Law, love under will.


Thats just looks awesome man I enjoyed your post with some pot of cheese.