Purple Urkle + Zombie Kush blended bud Evening Bong Tokes - Tasty Combination

28 days ago


I packed up the smoke bong for some evening tokes with Purple Urkle and Zombie Kush blended together. Hype, cushioned, and tasty tokes.


Purple Urkle

The 50/50 Purple Urkle has a lightly hazy, balanced energy, and cheerful day buzz with a sweet grape vanilla citrus pine spice zest flavor.


Zombie Kush

The 80/20 indica dominant Zombie Kush has a laid back, cushioned, and cheerful buzz - sweet fruity floral berry woody pine spice flavor.



Blended Flavor

Candy-like sweet and sour bright fruity pineapple skunky cinnamon diesel woody pine spice flavor - tasty bong tokes.



Blended Effects

Mind cushioned, euphoric excitement - face numbed, solar plexus bubbling, chest cushioned and buzzing lightly. Cheerful perma-grin.


Solid cushion with a smooth euphoric energy flow, hype a little, breathing rate accelerated - beaming perma-grin, sip of water. Tasty evening tokes.

Have a great day!

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It looks yummy but dude you need to clean that stem that is nasty dirty lol


Ngl, the buds are extremely nice and your post is very well put together, but that was the first thing I noticed/thought as well. Definitely due for a cleaning, like you said @jackdub. :P An otherwise excellent post! As I have seen you tend to consistently do. :)


Thanks everyone for your concern lol.


It's getting about due for a cleaning.


sometimes mine gets like that too but I get OCD about it and have to clean it


Confused because your bong is clean....


I do empty the water each time.

Sorry I missed curating this, was busy with work. Great article though mate