PURPLE URKLE 50/50 balanced hybrid Morning Tokes with OCB Ultimate Papers - Tasty Day Buzz

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Hey Smokers :) I rolled up some balanced Purple Urkle buds with OCB Ultimate papers for tasty morning tokes. Slightly hazy, balanced energy, and cheerful day buzz. Sweet grape vanilla citrus pine spice zest flavor.

PURPLE URKLE balanced hybrid

The Purple Urkle 50/50 balanced hybrid strain is believed to be a variety of either the Granddaddy Purple, or the Mendocino Purps strain (Source). These Purple Urkle buds have decent 23% THC with a 5.55% total terpene content including, 2.53% alpha-Pinene, 1.59% Myrcene, 0.76% Caryophyllene, 0.67% Humulene, and less than 0.01% of the Linalool, Caryophyllene oxide, beta-Pinene, Limonene, and Terpinolene terpenes (Source).


Looks and Scent

The Purple Urkle buds don't have any noticeable purples, but do have amber, vibrant dark and light greens, ample mats of burnt orange pistils, and a thick resinous coating of amber trichomes with a sweet and fruity skunky grape scent to them.


Purple Urkle Effects (Source)

The strong physical buzz given by this strain would alleviate the symptoms of muscle spasms, anxiety and nausea. The users of this strain reported that the indicia effects of this strain thoroughly relax and sleep-inducing. Hence, this will be an ideal bedtime strain for those who are fighting insomnia.


OCB Ultimate rolling papers

I reached for the light weight OCB Ultimate papers for the Purple Urkle morning roll up.


Purple Urkle grindage






Purple Urkle flavor

Sweet grape vanilla citrus pine spice zest flavor - dark and bright terpenes, smooth.



Purple Urkle effects

The mind cushion hits first - eye lids lightly relaxed and slightly puffy.


Balanced euphoric energy flow with cushioned body buzz. Face numbed, cheerful perma-grin.



Slightly hazy, balanced energy, and cheerful day buzz from the Purple Urkle bud tokes. Sweet grape vanilla citrus pine spice zest flavor. I'll save these Purple Urkle buds for relaxing morning, afternoon, or early evening tokes.

Have a great day!

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great review, never had purple urkle before


Thanks - it's kinda like a diesel grape flavor, some spice in there - hazy head kinda buzz, but with some decent energy. I remember having these a half year or so ago, with some granddaddy purps (solid indica), these have me craving the ganddaddy purps again lol :)