PURPLE SPACE COOKIES (80/20) Indica-dominant Hybrid Strain - Euphoric Relaxation, Creative Energy - Smoking CORN Paper Roll Up

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Another batch of tasty cookie buds - these Purple Space Cookies strain buds provide solid euphoric relaxation effects with creative and friendly energy. I'd smoke these colorful buds in the afternoon or evening.

PURPLE SPACE COOKIES Indica-dominant hybrid

The Purple Space Cookies 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid strain came from the breeding of the Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies strains. GSC strain came from the breeding of OG Kush and Durban Poison, so the 20-25% THC Purple Space Cookies strain is potentially 3/4 Durban Poison and 1/4 OG Kush. (Source)


Purple Space Cookies Looks

Two Purple Space Cookies buds, one dominantly purple, one green. A generous coating of trichomes thicken to a darker amber in many places. Bright burnt orange pistols, these are well trimmed buds - a 3 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Purple Space Cookies Scent

Sweet grape and cookies scent hits first, then refreshing lemon, mango, and a touch of pine.


Purple Space Cookies cannabis strain is a hybrid with a THC level reaching 20%. Known for its dense, crystallized buds that may crumble in your fingers as you take them apart, this strain has a sweet, earthy aroma. It tastes as sugary sweet as the name suggests! Purple Space Cookies cannabis strain provides a relaxing high. Novice smokers may find it more sedative than those with more experience. It encourages sociability, making it a great daytime indulgence. It also helps ease pain and stress.
Source: Purple Space Cookes - CannaSOS.com


Smoking Corn Rolling Papers

I enjoy these 1-1/4 size Smoking Corn Rolling Papers. The last time I rolled with them for a post was with the Duke Nukem strain. A thicker paper at 18 grams per square meter, but I don't taste the corn paper - as long as there's enough bud rolled up in there.

Corn paper look with its characteristic colour. FSC® Certified. Designed for those who like a slow burn. 49 leaves per booklet. 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives. This ensures you get the optimum stick with just one lick. 77mm x 44mm
Source: SmokingPaper.com - Corn Paper


49 Papers Per Pack


"Natural Gum"


Purple Space Cookies Nug for the Spliff


Nug Sliced Up with the Scissors


Smoking Corn Spliff Ready for Roll Up


Spliff Rolled Up, Sparked


Purple Space Cookies Taste

First Toke... Sweet and dry lemon-citrus flavor, slightly spicy - mouth tingling, cheeks numbing. 2nd Toke... Baked goods - sweet like donuts, slight mango citrus, cream, very light pine, maybe a touch of orange at the tail end - all sweet.


Purple Space Cookies Feels

5 Minutes after First Toke... Heart rate is increasing a little, brow is slightly numbing. Mind is getting excited - ever so slightly jittered mind focus. 2 More Tokes, 5 Mins Later... Breath rate increased momentarily after those last two tokes, but they were some big ones. Upper cheeks slightly numbing, temples too. Can feel a very light energy starting to gather in the solar plexus, getting some happy feels.


15 Minutes after First Toke, Two more tokes... Ashed the half joint for later. Top of the forehead, and the top front of the head is relaxed and cushioned, front part of the brain too.


25 Minutes after First Toke...

Bubbly happy, lightly energetic, lightly relaxed and cushioned, friendly feeling - this is a solid buzz. It's a balanced energy with a slight bit of mind wandering escapism - a friendly and creative energy. Time for some headphone music. Sweet cookie aftertaste is present. Sip of water, but not is not dry, just lightly numbed.


35 Minutes after First Toke...

Cushion energy building in the chest - feeling outgoing and energetic, smiles. Brow relaxed, light cushion full body and head effects. Mind is clear enough and energetic, it's like one notch before perma-grin - euphoric feels, groovin buds, music on repeat.


1-1/2 Hours after First Toke... Smooth and balanced effects - comfortable buzz.


2 Hours after First Toke... Decent effects and happy feels still, getting some munchies, perfect timing for dinner. Mind is lightly starting to clear from the cushion.


3-1/4 Hours after First Toke...

Effects are diminished for the most part - other then a light relaxation and after glow, still a touch of mind cushion. Smooth landing with the effects - for me, dinner helps with that. Solid and uplifting relaxation effects with creative and friendly energy - I'd smoke these buds in the afternoon or evening.



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This and the Tahoe look like they are a cut above some of the other strains you've been posting lately. Looks real nice. I've tried a lot of cookies but never purple space cookies.


Taste is very similar to the GSC buds, but these are a little sweeter, and are leaning more to the indica side. Same buddy gave me these past 2 strains, 2 more strains from him i'll be posting soon - Lemon Zest, and the Master Kush :)


I wish I had buddies giving me strains. I love GSC

Another lovely looking strain and I love the name ... the way you described its characteristics, sound like it really is great for relaxation. I love that creative and the friendly feeling energy.
Keep puffing for a high!

I love the name. It just sounds like the munchies! Only gave some munchies though? this sounds a lot like that True Purple Berry Oil I had


They should have used corn syrup for the gum for these corn papers lol - It seemed to leave me a natural appetite, i got hungry right at lunch time. So it didn't give me a suppressed appetite, or a junk food appetite, but a heightened health appeteite i'd say. The name does sound tasty :)

Fly me to the moon like that bitch Alice Kramden


I like that. My cousin used to call me Sir-Smokes-A-Lot lol :)

Rollin joints like a cigarette!


I call it the flavor tunnel lol just came up with that. Full flavor fatty :)

Another great strain and awesome review. The name makes it also very appealing. The cookie strains seem to be really popular in Canada. The buds look amazing and blooming with green on them.

Corn paper, that's a rather new thing for me.