Purple Kush Strain for Deep Relaxation + Smoking Utensils from Kensington Market - Toronto

8 months ago


Happy Boxing Day! In Canada it's the day after Christmas day sales day. Not sure why it's called Boxing Day, my guess is that it's the first day after Christmas that people can box up the presents they didn't want and return them to the stores. Last day in Toronto, heading back home tomorrow morning.

After Market - Evening Tokes

Went to Kensington Market a couple days ago, purchased a few papers and pipes at the at the smoke shops. The daytime was forward and onward with the Super Silver Haze buzz, then came in for a smooth landing for the evening with blunt tokes of Purple Kush.


Purple Kush (Indica)

Purple Kush is a pure Indica cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains - originating from Oakland, California. Classic Kush earthy smell with a very mild sweetness. Tight buds. The purple colors and the all-covering crystals are amazing.

Right after you smoke that bowl or finish the rest of your joint you're not going to help but notice the sativa effects of the strain kicking in. It's crazy how an Indica strain like this can have the happy and euphoric feelings of a Sativa but at the same time be the RELAXATION machine you are looking for. If nothing else, Purple Kush is fantastic for relaxation.

Funny enough we have been hearing of some studies being done on how Purple Kush can help with premature ejaculation. Enjoy.

Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Euphoric
Medical: Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, THC: 23%

GetWhitePalm.com - Purple Kush


Scissors chopped up some Purple Kush for the blunt sampling.


Taste and Feels Profile

Much like the smell - as expected - the Purple Kush had that dank and thick taste, with a touch of dry sweetness. That subtle sweet taste that it does have slightly resembles blueberry. This buzz I could almost instantly feel heavy in my head - to the point that it was making my brow and eyelids heavy - this is that laid back and in no hurry - smoked out feel Indica. Made my way up the elevator to the couch and proceeded to relax for the rest of the evening. Had a great night sleep per usual.

Quick Return to Kensington Market - Toronto

Kensington Market Info: Kensington Community Web Page

Paper & Glass

Entering Kensington Market from the East side, one of the first smoker shops you'll run into is Paper & Glass. It has a small front room with a few bongs, pipes, and accessories. I found a small plastic bong that I was looking for - it's not quite a full size glass bong for the power tokes, but a big step up from the small hose water pipes. I can't smoke inside here, so I'll give this bong a try when I get back home to the sticks. There's a certain kinda buzz you get from bong tokes :) This smoke shop does have a back room if you're looking for it.

Goodies from Hot Box Cafe

While at the Hot Box Cafe in Kensington Market, I pick up a few smoking utensils. You can see the classic metal pipe, I wanted to get one with the twist on cap that is on the pipe while smoking, it smothers the cherry and stops the bowl from burning away when you're not smoking it. Another interesting pipe that I picked up looks kind of like a one-hitter, but you pack a full bowl in it. The counter person said it was for discrete city toking on-the-go :)

9 Rolling Paper Packs

I also picked up 9 packs of rolling papers, they were 3 for $5. The Raw papers I purchased at a convenience store. Sadly I can't smoke blunts all the time, so I'll be trying out these papers in between. Mostly large sizes, some themed papers, some hemp papers, some square pack folded papers with one made with rice and the other made with corn. I'll roll up some of the interesting ones in upcoming posts. If you're curious about the other wares the Hot Box Cafe has to offer, check out their hotboxshop.ca web site.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary and Cosmic Treats

One street over from the main Kensington drag is Spaced Out - a licensed medical marijuana dispensary. Vegan restaurant and dessert treats are at Cosmic Treats - on the South end of the main drag.

Until Next Time

Below is a picture of the South end of the Kensington market main street - you can see Toronto city and the CN Tower just behind it. A fun place to visit. This previous post includes Kensington Market graffiti art, and more about the Hot Box Cafe smoke spot: SSH:// Super Silver Haze - Sativa Secure Tour of Kensington Graffiti Art - Toronto.


Have a great day!

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Where did you learn Markdown so well?


Thanks - all basic html coding, mostly tables and href codes. Trick is the tables dont make the pics the size you ask, so any pictures you put in a row make sure to edit them to have the same height before uploading them :)

Nice thanks for sharing this. I am going to be stopping down tonight to check out see if I can find a dispensary open.

Wish that vegan place was open I would try that out for sure.
Do you need a mml to go to spaced out?


Spaced out, yes, Paper & Glass didnt seem like it. Cosmic Cafe seemed open the other day, but boxing day might have different hours.


Sweet thanks, Going to check it out on my way to Toronto now.

Lets see if I can pitch smoke at all haha. I brought some stickers to see if I can put 1 or 2 up


Yeah I just checked the link you shared it is closed today,

You know I like purple flowers! :)

OK, I'm packing my stuff and moving to Canada. Anyone could let me crash at their place? Hahaha but it looks really cool. I do envy you guys from Canada being able to just run down the street and buy some weed legally. The shops looks pretty neat. I would love it if you showcased some of their pipes hehehe
And the buds, perfection. I like the sound of a relaxing but euphoric strain.


In 2019 Ontario is supposed to have to walk in stores for recreational, for now it's just online purchasing, but it's nice walking down the street smoking one, and not being a criminal for it :) Most of the other provinces in canada do already have walk-in recreational purchase stores.


Oh man that sounds like a dream. I envy you Canadians. Atleast I get to see what goodies you guys got there. Hehehe


For a catalog of their pipes, check out their online store :) https://hotboxshop.ca/


Oh man I have to order myself some of their pipes. They have some pretty epic pipes. Thank you @jackdub

Damn that's one amazing looking bud :) I usually buy the smaller bowl for the bong. This one is a pain to keep it clean and constantly change the mesh :P Also the smaller one is easier to clear the hit :)